Jason Hoppy Blocks Bethenny Frankel from Taking Daughter Down Under

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The Bethenny Frankel divorce case is growing uglier by the day.

After each side in this split made its divorce demands known - both Bethenny and ex-husband Jason Hoppy are seeking primary custody of daughter Bryn - a new issue has arisen over Frankel's desire to take Brynn on a business trip to Australia.

Because Hoppy is having none of it.

Bethenny Frankel at Macy's

“He doesn’t think it’s good for their little girl to travel half way around the world," an insider tells Radar Online. "It’s causing nothing but more stress to the divorce proceedings, which have turned extremely hostile."

The source adds Bethenny’s attorneys may see if a judge will sign off on the trip, but it's clear things are about to get even more contentious between the former couple.

Our suggestion? The reality star should cook up her famous Bethenny Frankel granola recipe and use that as a bargaining chip.


Lisi must be a man predending to be a woman. Men wants women to be thier slaves for ever. Once anything happens in a family, men wants d women to suffer. The cowards among the men goes as far as calling d woman names or trying to make her feel old. What is d connection with d divorce and her looking old? I think Lisi's brain has too much water inside. Her ex also looks old. Why telling only about d woman and not about the man? U are a coward. Women are better than u. That is why ur heart is so bitter about a woman u never even met b4. Shame on you


I don't think Ms. Frankel should uproot the baby to appease her wants. I liked her in the begining but as she got richer she thought of no one but herself. I don't think she cares what's best for the child. Her husband was Mr. Wonderful until she got tired of him. If she hadn't made the money, he'd still be Mr. Wonderful. He sort of "came to the rescue in time"
didn't he. But now he's yesterday's dish water. I won't want her as my wishy-washy friend!


When is the media going to leave this couple alone to deal with their divorce peacefully, yesterday Radar Online made up a lie about Bethenny writing a book about being a single mother, it turned out to be a lie, now Radar Online again is alleging this story about Jason, the media wants so bad to creat tension between these two that is not even funny.
They have decided to divorce, it is not the end of the world, millions of couples do it everyday, even more exhausting than dealing with their divorce , it must be agonizing to deal with the media manipulation and BS that they make up every day.

@ Cristina

Who forced you to read this article??


The story should read: BETHANY FRANKEL is growing uglier by the day. She is actually uglier than Octomom.

@ Lisi

And that just proves that you're even UGLIER both inside as well as outside. And you've clearly missed the entire point of the article, you evil nasty superficial bitch! I fuckin hate ignorant assholes like you. You're what makes the whole damn world uglier every day.

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