Happy 23rd Birthday, Liam Hemsworth!

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He got engaged and starred in one of the biggest movies of all-time at the age of 22.

So what will the age of 23 hold for Liam Hemsworth? The actor will start to find out right now... because today is his birthday!!!

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The fiance of Miley Cyrus and Gale in The Hunger Games, life is pretty darn swell for Hemsworth these days. The Australian has come a very long way since appearing opposite how now-love in The Last Song.

So send in your best wishes to Hemsworth right now, along with those for the following birthday men and woman:

  • Orlando Bloom (36)
  • Shonda Rhimes (43)
  • Patrick Dempsey (47)
  • Julia-Louis Dreyfus (52)

Happy B'day Liam.. u're a Great Actor..
Hav A grt Married Life wid Miley
u BOTH r just PERFECT.


he thought of miley with a dildo?


"Biggest movie of all-time" Calm down he's not Daniel Radcliffe. Happy Birthday Sexy, I can't believe he's only 23.


happy b-day liam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i like totally love liam hemsworth he is like sooooooooooooo sexy, but why did he have to be engaged to that slut miley cyrus????? thx macey

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