Two Firefighters Shot Dead in NY After Responding to House Fire

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Two firefighters were shot and killed and two others were hospitalized after a gunman opened fire on them as they responded to a house fire in Webster, N.Y.

NY State Fire

Officials at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, N.Y., told ABC News that two men were taken there this morning and were in "guarded condition."

They were said to suffer gunshot wounds.

There is "no active shooter, or shooters" at this time, Police Chief Gerald L. Pickerin told reporters this morning, according to ABC affiliate WHAM-TV.

The fire spread to three homes on Lake Road, according to WHAM.

According to multiple reports, the fire department was waiting for police to safely evacuate nearby residents and secure the scene before battling the blaze.

Earlier today, a Seattle shooting saw one person killed.


this is a new TREND in america?
........hope not.


And there are people that STILL don't want a strict gun law? Unbelievable. This is what happens when your gun law is lose 'remica.


I swear this shit only happens in America..


Do we still feel like we don't need better gun laws or should have the firefighters had a gun also?