The Voice Results: Who Made the Final 3?

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After four terrific performances Monday night, The Voice now has its final three.

With NO idea how things would shake out, the four remaining singers were on pins and needles to learn if they would earn one of the coveted spots in the finals.

The Voice Top 4 Photo

As has been the case since the live shows began, the coaches have no sway; it's all up to America now, and it's every singer (not team) for himself or herself.

So who's out and who's on to the finals? Let's find out:

The singer eliminated from The Voice tonight is ...

Trevin Hunte!

Terry McDermott and Cassadee Pope of Team Blake were the first two finalists announced, followed by Nicholas David of Team Cee Lo in the closing moments.

Those three are on to the finals next Monday night. Trevin, for all his talent, fell just a little bit short last night and ends his run on Season 3 in fourth place.

Agree with America's call? This result will likely be debated, as will which of the surviving stars has the best chance to win next week. Have it it below!

Do you agree with The Voice results tonight?

Who will win The Voice (of the final three)?


Cassadee should NOT win. She shouldn't of even made it this far... yes, she has a pretty voice but she already had her chance with her band Hey Monday and she's freaking dating Rian from All Time Low! WHY is she on the voice? Because her record label didn't want her anymore!


My favorite singer is Cassadee so I’m not that disappointed that Trevin went home. I don’t think I remember seeing many blogs about him either so it makes sense that he was next. I couldn’t possibly tell you who will get fewer votes next time though; it will be so difficult to see any one of these three go. My DISH coworker thinks that McDermott will win but I’m pretty sure that Pope will be the winner because of her following from “Hey Monday.” My Hopper Whole-Home DVR automatically recorded the show again using the PrimeTime Anytime feature, so I was able to watch this morning, commercial free, with AutoHop. The part I like most about watching commercial free is that I can get ready for work and watch the show in less time, so I can still get to work and be able to talk about the results of The Voice with my coworkers.

@ JimmyMackey

All four are good singers but, the voice should be about awesome singers and the only one out of the four that striked me as being on the verge of awesomeness was Trevin Hunte. Don't get me wrong, Pope is beautiful and has a great voice however, I can hear a hundred copy cats of her...........nothing special. None of the remaining contestants have the range or the potential that Trevin has.


anybody cares?