The Voice Results: Season 3 Winner Revealed!

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For Cassadee Pope, Terry McDermott and Nicholas David, it came down to this.

The final three performances they delivered last night, along with encores of some of their signature songs thus far, served as their closing arguments.

The Voice Top 3 Picture

Only one could be named The Voice, however, and it was all in voters' hands.

Would it be pitch-perfect rocker Terry? Soulful throwback Nicholas? Pop-country princess Cassadee? Any of the talented trio would make a worthy winner.

But there could be only one, and following an emotional, performance-filled night (118 minutes of filler, but it was strong filler!), we finally have a winner.

So who won the coveted title and who fell just short? Let's find out ...

Carson Daly announced that the winner of The Voice Season 3 is:

Cassadee Pope of Team Blake!

When asked how she felt, Pope said, "I'm feeling amazing, thank you for everyone who voted for me and all the fans and Blake, the producers, wardrobe, Carson, the band, Christina. Everybody!"

Well? What do you think? Excited? Disappointed? Tell us below!

Did America get it right picking Cassadee Pope?


nick rockes ceelo makes the voice happen yaya halalooya


i agree with patty rock on girl1!


i know iam only 7 years old but terry should have won i loved terry his last performanse made me cry thats right cry.i think cassiedie cheated she was all ready in a band she got all 4 chairs turned she made it all i can not believ her!


terry should have won he was the first person of the season he was talented


I knew that Cassadee would win from the beginning!! It was obvious to me..


so nice pic


I thought all 3 of them was good. But Cassadee has been mt favorite all the time. And if you don't have nothing good to say you should say nothing. Everybody has their opions but I think all 3 of them will make a name for themselves.


I’m glad that Cassadee won the competition because she’s a great singer and she has terrific stage presence. I suppose Hey Monday will tour again soon too but hopefully she will put out a solo record too. I really thought this was the best season so far and I also enjoyed watching all season this year and never missing a single episode because my DISH PrimeTime Anytime feature automatically recorded all of The Voice and others of the four major networks shows each night. I could watch it in the eight days before it was automatically deleted, which meant never wondering if I set the timer and checking all the time, like my OCD mother does with the oven.


Terry was my favorite and I can not believe he did not win.


You mean the girl that already had a fairly successful band with a record lable as well as a fanbase prior to even being on the show won????? NO WAY!!!!

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