Rihanna PUNISHES Chris Brown, Gets Revenge at Last … in Hilarious Instagram Parody

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Conan O'Brien decided to have some fun with Rihanna's recent Instagram pic in which she's hugging Chris Brown, altering her affectionate image and re-posting with the caption:

"The Rihanna and Chris Brown Instagram That Should Have Been."

Rihanna-Chris Brown Pic Spoof

In the photo, Rihanna appears to be punishing her alarmed, hapless lover, strangling him as the wall in the background boasts the word Revenge splattered in blood.

Payback at last ... if only in Jenny Johnson's dreams.

She posted the original photo (below) of herself embracing Chris on Thursday, tagging Brown's handle and writing, "i dont wanna leave!!! Killed it tonight baby!!!"

Killed it, indeed. Just not literally.

Rihanna Hugs Chris Brown

The irony, of course, is that Rihanna seems to have not only forgiven Chris' brutal assault on her, but become closer to him than ever in the face of controversy.

Her original, lovey-dovey Instagram image arrived in the aftermath of Brown's online feud with comedian Johnson, which resulted in Chris peacing out of Twitter.

The message is clear: I still love you, baby, haters be damned.

Rihanna and Chris Brown back together: You a fan?


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Rihanna..the next Whitney Houston.


Don't worry I'd say it'll take at least 16-20 years b4 she'll look back on this time and realize what a fool she was and wonder how she could be so damn blind. She'll also wonder what the hell she ever saw in him. Sadly it takes many of us women that long to see the light ... Been there, done that!


The first photo luks hilarious but I like the second photo.Hahahaha this is funny,u not the revenge type Riri.


P L E A S E S T O P B E L I E V I N G T H I S S H A M, folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!