Racist Sorority Photo Sparks Controversy at Penn State

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A Penn State sorority is under scrutiny - and investigation - after a racist photo from a recent party created a stir online. The Mexican-themed image appears below:


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    On halloween people dress up as stereotypes. Because this is a large group of people does not mean that you have to pick on them. Schools in general do not teach students well enough about the issues of stereotypes and how they can really hurt people of other races. I do not think these students should be punished for something that is at fault by the education system. And I do think that this should be a lesson for all schools to more deeply incorporate this in the curriculum.

    @ A friend



    This is so Racist and I See a Few Brown Hispanic Faces in There..So Sad and Racist Wow Its not The Outfits Because its Halloween Be Whoever Its the Signs and the negativity that they are pushing out and the Racism they need to get kicked out asap


    The disturbing thing about the photo is the lack of judgement and empaty in the sorority, the result: racist accusation! why?: putting aside the fact that they make fun of mexican people is why they make fun of that, and the answer that can damage the most the image of that sorority is that they where making fun of the working class and not only mexicans are working classes at the US, actually the caucassian working class is the national leader of low payment employments at the US so they might be making fun of all of them too! think about it!


    I don't give a fuck about the costumes I don't like the mowing lawns and smoking glass signs. These girls are ignorant and its sad that stupid people like this can get into such a good school. Being book smart does not put you above anybody because is obvious "intelligent people" can still be fucking stupid. I'm going to make a sign that says "Im Caucasian and I like to film porn and get cum all over my face" or "I'm Caucasian and I feel superior to all other races yet I get surgeries to have a voluptuous body and love dating black men" or "I'm Caucasian and I drive a big truck,hunt deer and eat squirrel"


    Wow, we have come far. When I was in college we did things like this all the time, there just wasn't facebook to put it on a national level. College kids having fun, doens't mean they are racist, they are just having fun with stereo types. Are hookers going to get upset nextitme there is a pimps and ho's party? When will this environment of political correctness going to end?


    I don't think it was meant to be offensive at all and I don't see it as offensive. My friends and I had a Mexican-Taco fiesta themed party last weekend with sombreros, and mustaches, maraca's, cactuses and a pinata. The signs however, can be seen as offensive, but it still just seems like harmless fun. Everybody should lighten up.


    Lighten up. I was born in Tijuana Mexico and I don't even mow my own lawn. I'm sure this was done in good nature. I'm sure there is at least one girl there whose family came from Latin America.

    @ New to this



    This is really offensive!! They still don't understand that without latins this country would be down!!!! Us latins do the jobs that americans wouldn't do.


    I bet if Mexicans or any other race were to do the same exact thing but about Americans, then it would be the end of the world. but then i guess the outfits aren't that bad. It's something we can get over quick about. but the signs though. that was taken too far. We live in a nation filled with latinos. They should've known that by having this party, and even taking this picture, it would've sparked controversy.

    @ Lupita Mart.

    Yeah true!!!!! But we are not like them!! Our generation has taught us what's good and what isn't!!


    The 1st amendment now been used to protect racism!!!!

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