Most Wanted Deadbeat Dad: Robert Sand Arrested!

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Authorities have arrested America's "Most Wanted" deadbeat dad, according to reports.

Robert Sand, 50, of New York, was arrested upon his arrival at Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday after being deported from the Philippines.

He is believed to owe more than $1.2 million in child support.

Robert Sand Mug Shot

Over the last 10 years, Sand has underreported his income and moved from New York to Florida to Thailand to evade child support payments.

Surprisingly, he has "only" three children from two previous marriages.

Sand was taken into custody in the Philippines earlier this week.

The Office of the Inspector General maintains a list of the most wanted deadbeat parents with info about their possible whereabouts and the sum of money they owe.

Until Tuesday, Sand and his seven-figure debts topped the federal list.

They have since updated Sand's mugshot with a "captured" banner.

Thank goodness.


But, neglectful parents are way much better than pedophiles and those who see children in a sexual way.


This moment is brought to you by the letters T and S...THE SLAMMER!!!!! DEADBEAT JACKASS!!!!!


Blessed they caught this beast!!! What parents who don't pay child support don't seem to realize, or perhaps selfishly don't care about, is the message that sends to their children, that they aren't cared about by the unsupporting parent, and that's a terrible thing to have a child think. Praying they make him pay up or shut up in prison until he can.


responsible men now and days fight to stay with thier kids. most men even know how to take care of kids more than women. it´s only coward men that runs away from thier kids. if u dont want to take kids responsibility then dont bother to have any. silly men that thinks kids are surpose to be women´s responsibility alone. i am proud of my husband, he even takes better care of our kid than me. i am also relieved from too many house works bcos he supports a lot. that is what i call a Man


Did he have the 1.2 mil on him??