Lohan Rent Rumors: Lindsay Nearly Broke, Struggling to Scrounge Up $8K Rent

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Well, this would help explain Lindsay Lohan's tax problems.

The actress has had a rough few years with the law, and in life, but now it looks as if her arrest for punching Tiffany Mitchell barely registers on the #LohanProblems scale.

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Despite big paydays from Playboy, Liz & Dick and other projects over the past year, Lindsay is struggling each month just to pay the rent on her Beverly Hills mansion.

The amount is a (relatively) modest $8,000, no less.

Insiders say fiscal responsibility has never been the 26-year-old's strong suit, and that her finances took a turn for the worse when the IRS seized her bank accounts.

Lohan has been forced to hit up pals for money; Charlie Sheen cut her a check for $100,000 without being asked, but even that's not enough to bail her out.

She's believed to have earned at least $2 million since January 2011, which is baffling; $8,000 a month in rent for two YEARS would only come to $192,000.

Lindsay tried getting out of the lease and moving out early, but the home's owners have told LiLo that they will seek the full amount plus damages if she does.

In the meantime, she's riding it out until February, when the lease expires and she can move into another place she can't afford and refuses to take responsibility for.

SIDE NOTE: If the IRS is pissed because you don't pay hundreds of thousands in taxes, shouldn't you at least have more cash on hand, by virtue of not paying taxes?

Apparently not. As we said ... #LohanProblems.


Now Lindsay's in further debt......she needs to pay for a dress she "borrowed"(couldn't buy it--and why the hell would ANYONE LOAN LINDSAY ANTHING??...
she ripped the whole dress by her rough partying so she just cut it in half. Put a low cheap pot pie in front of her..................for a couple of yrs. and see how she feels when she's back out. She can wear sweats and cut them anywhere she wants to.


And if she goes to jail before February, then what? $8,000 a month? Position yourself Lindsay to live like there is no tomorrow so that you don't have to worry about CA rents or taxes, etc. I hope they throw the book at her. At her age it is unbelievable that she's in the trouble she's in and has been in. This is the behavior of a middle aged woman who doesn't have her act together. Where's her agent or manager? WTF? Out spending her money no doubt. At least if she goes to jail, she'll have free rent and utilities and three meals a day. I'll guarantee you the beotch will have cable/satellite TV, phone, personal assistant bunking with her ...


what a wasted pice of cracked out whore shit she has become and always be from now on TAKE A BATH YOU CRACKEN!!

@ marylyn johnson

Wow Marylyn. Do you eat with that mouth? I'm surprised they allowed you to post a comment like that. What trailer park do you live in? Or are you Lindsay's rejected childhood BFF? How different are you from her. At least Lindsay has class unlike what you've had the courage to say about her. I am not a Lohan supporter but I don't support women like you with a mouth like that. Get therapy or refill your meds.


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