Lindsay Lohan Bank Accounts: SEIZED By the IRS!

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The IRS has seized ALL of Lindsay Lohan's money in a bizarre development that exemplifies the actress' current financial woes ... in addition to her legal ones.

This is the kind of thing that'll make you drink two liters of vodka a day.

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Her tax situation is well documented. The U.S. government has filed tax liens against Lindsay for 2009-2010, claiming she owes $233,904 in unpaid federal taxes.

Charlie Sheen gave her $100,000 - because he can, and because he's a good guy who bonded with her on the set of Scary Movie 5 - to help with the situation.

The problem is that check barely scratched the surface, and Lindsay also owes money for 2011. The IRS has given her time to pay, but grown tired of waiting.

Thus, the feds have seized ALL her bank accounts.

Lohan is said to be in full-on panic mode about her financial problems, and desperately trying to make money to get out of the hole and stay there ... but is she?

The actress has earned an estimated $2 million just this year. Makes you wonder where that money's going, because it would easily cover the IRS bill.

Either she owes money to so many people that $2 million in one year can't cover them all, or she's clueless ... either option seems feasible at this point.

Choose your side!


someone needs to help this woman because it is obvious that she is heading down the wrong road and from what i gather ,her parents do not care !


On top of everything else, why does this not surprise me. The judges in almost every case she's faced in court have gone easy on her to the point of being ridiculous, leading her to believe she can get away with almost anything. So why not try getting away without paying taxes? This should grow you up girl - fast!!! And in doing so, it just might save your life from all your foolish decisions.


Good Luck!!!! Serves the little nasty right.........all party and no work. What you think?? You are a free rider and a waste of human space. I hope that they take all your money beyound the point of recovery. hahhahah!!! the nut is finally getting what she deserves.


Those who have to pay taxes are now covering for her by tax increases. I hope they take the loser for everything she has. She is a burned out child star failure as an adult and we are tired of hearing about her.


I look at this one like this...the IRS is always going after some celebrity (or whatever). It is what it is.


I know where it's going -- up her nose.


I think the money has been going up her nose or in smoke. what a dumb ass she is


...........she kills herself?


I don't think that too many people should be surprised by this. You can screw over others for so long; even the IRS may take a little while to get to you, but once it does, you're all done. They won't and don't mess around.

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