Lindsay Lohan Out of Control, Drinking Two Liters of Vodka PER DAY, Source Claims

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Lindsay Lohan's rep says she wasn't drinking before she was arrested for punching a woman, Tiffany Ava Mitchell, but sources tell a different story.

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    We are SO SICK of this loser! FIRE this biatch, and throw her rabbit azz in jail! What are you waiting for??


    i still love lindsay lohan even if she's so wasted now. the press are exaggerating everything it gives her a lot of stress.

    @ norin

    Awww soooo sad....smh,


    The kid's been trying to kill herself for over a decade now. She's probably too late for help because both of her parents are abusive lushes who taught her early how to be an abusive lush herself. That's hard to overcome, and frankly, I don't believe LiLo is strong enough to overcome it. She's a ticking bomb that's been ticking for a long time. One day she's going to lose this roulette she's been playing for years.


    She needs to get help yesterday. She is a mance to society. Who does she have to kill in a car accident before she is locked up? It's hard to feel sorry for someone who brought everything on to herself. Nobody forced her to have these personal issues. She was born beautiful, and managed to blow millions of dollars gained from a somewhat lucky acting career given she is a medicore actress at best.


    WOW What is she doing to her self she is going end up killing her self drinking that much and who will want to in employ her as she is not going to be reliable


    Anyone drinking half that amount of vodka is an alcoholic especially drinking in the morning. But how true are these stories? Anyone who ever tried to deal with a drunk knows it is impossible. Dr. Drew where are you!


    There are serious problems in the world right now. Lindsay Lohan is just another kid star who cannot cope in the adult world. She needs jail time to learn she can't expect a free ride for rest of her life. She has debt, well so sad the rest of us are suffering and no one hands us cash or even feels sorry. Celebs r not that special and she is washed up. Jail is only way she will get it.


    Why am I not surprised? This loser will never, ever learn.


    Geniuses! Why do you perpetuate this stuff?! For a human being of her height and weight to consume one, never mind two liters of vodka a day is not only impossible – it is inconceivable!!
    Why do you find it necessary to puke out this nonsense onto the web for naïve nitwits to gobble up like too much stuffing?!
    The web is becoming a garbage scow floating on feces!


    This is woman is gonna end up way or another....

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