Kim Kardashian Threatens Instagram: Change Policy or Else!

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Kim Kardashian is taking a stand, people! She's fighting back against the injustice that affects her most:

Instagram's new Terms of Service agreement.

The company is under fire these days for language that implies it could sell its users' photos without compensation - and despite the Instagram co-founder issuing a statement to clarify this misconception, sources tell TMZ that Kardashian isn't buying it.

Kardashian, Kimberly

Easily the most popular person on that service with 5,726,343 followers (Justin Bieber is second at 4,366,729; President Obama third at 1,834,079), Kim is reportedly telling friends that she may leave if the policy isn't altered.

And she'll take her nearly six million fans to another photo-sharing agency.

It stands to reason that family members Khloe, Kylie, Kendall and Rob would follow Kim elsewhere, with each of these reality stars also ranking in the Instagram Top 10.

The moves actually would be a severe blow to the company, which raises the question:

If you run an organization that mostly services Kim Kardashian and her siblings, should you re-evaluate your life choices?


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Kim Kardashian Threatens Instagram: Change Policy or Else!
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They'd be smart to listen. If the Kardashians have as much influence with instagram as they say, that would be a wise move. Kim is simply speaking out against an injustice. When other celebrities do it, no one cares, but when Kim does it, people moan. That is priceless. Hopefully the people will listen and make the right move.


Well, she better leave every other social media site she's on, because they all have those terms. It's nothing new. She's further proving that she's an absolute idiot that runs on silicone and money.


I never know any celebrity who is obsessed with sharing multiple pictures of herself. And the fans and those who are obsessed with her really do not have a life. It is kind of sad.

@ Ernest

Her fans don't have a life? Are you kidding me? It's the haters who you can say that for. There's plenty of celebrities I can't stomach, I'd never waste even a second looking them up online. The fact that they start whining after that makes me laugh. If you don't like Kim, go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's really as simple as that.
As far as sharing pics, there's plenty of celebs who do that, the Kim haters are the ones who make a big deal about it. Flaunt away, Kim, be proud of what you look like, don't care what the prudes have to say.


Kim is absolutely right to stand up for her rights - the new terms and agreement should be revised in her case. But I would also ask her to go even further in her fight for rights, the child actors in Hollywood - the unsung heroes !
I would urge her to research the amazing advances being made in the Yukon Film Industry online. There the parents do not get full control of the monies, they get 25% up to $2000.00 and more on larger amounts for expenses and services rendered to the child actor, for it is afterall a business. I would ask the Actors Guild to also research this online and to consider the child actors in Hollywood, a world leader in suh things as the advancement of child rights in the International Film Industries of our world. thank u


The new terns and agreement should be revised, she is right on this to stand up and fight for her rights. But she might consider going even further,- child rights in Hollywood are not up to world standards. Just look into the standards children enjoy and their parents in the Yukon Film Industry. Parents do not get full control of the money earned by their children, they get 25% up to $2000.00. for expenses and services rendered. Child rights are important in the International Film Industries and Hollywood is a world leader in this Industry. I would only ask that the Actors Guild research the amazing reforms to child rights in the Yukon Film Industry online and consider the child actors in Hollywood who are also your collegues in the pronotion of the Film Industry through Hollywood. Thank u
Kevin Graham


More and more, Kim and the rest of her Kar-Trash-Ian family are so fuckin' stupid..........


Hurry up & marry Kanye, have @ least 10 kids,THEN MAYBE JUST MAYBE, KANYE can teach her how to be not so self serving & an arrogant money grongul!!! KIM & KHRIS are terribly nausiating!!!


Someone has way too much time on thier hands....again. why is this really even a valid story?
There's way more pressing matters that need discussing don't you agree people?




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