Katt Williams Slaps Target Employee in the Face

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Increasingly erratic alleged comedian Katt Williams hit up a Target in Sacramento last weekend ... and hit an employee in the face for what looks like no reason at all.

There's no audio, so we don't know what was said, but Katt Williams' slap appears to come out of nowhere; the Target guy's doesn't look like he's looking to start $h!t ...

Williams was on the run from the cops at the time the slap went down. He gets in trouble with the law a fair amount, so often it's hard to keep the arrests straight.

After the slap, the employee pulls out his phone and calls police, who eventually arrested Katt, who attempted to make his getaway in an electric cart ... seriously.


Katt...i think u funny as Hell and the b**** probably deserved to get slapped...i think someone needs rehab...


It sounds like he is taking tips from Lindsay Lohan


you people didn't hear him say: YOU'RE A CUNT, katt!!


He's not funny at all. At all. Not funny. Talentless hack. Stupid idiots without a sense of humor actually pay to see this little piece of shit. I would have punched him back up his mothers twat. She shouldn't have raised the placenta by mistake.


Oh Kat what is going on with you. Why are you acting this way there has to be a reason. I don"t want you to go down in flames please stop the antics and get what ever help that you need rest or what ever it may be and come back strong as it stands your ruining your life what about your children? Don"t you know that they want you to keep acting this way so that they can say negative things about you and take your money and not necessarily in that order. I know you won't read this but this is what i would say to you. I think your a funny man and love seeing your comedy and would hate to loss it. If I need how to reach you to tell you this I would. And if you slapped me I would forgive you but then again you'll only get that one chance then after that my friend I don't know hahahaha!