Janet Jackson Christmas Card: (Solo) Season's Greetings!

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Season's Greetings from Janet Jackson!

Whether or not Janet is actually engaged to Wissam Al Mana, we can't say for sure. But the 46-year-old maybe bride-to-be did post this nice holiday card on Twitter:

Janet Jackson Holiday Card

Is Janet Jackson engaged or not? According to Us Weekly, who reported the rumored engagement just after Christmas, she and Wissam Al Mana will wed this spring.

Neither she nor her 37-year-old Qatari businessman love of 2.5 years have confirmed it, of course, and Janet - unlike some of her siblings - is very private.

If she is engaged, don't expect that you'll necessarily see her make a big deal of it ... but at least the superstar is wishing us a joyous holiday regardless.

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