Janet Jackson: Engaged to Wissam Al Mana (Reportedly)!

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After two and a half years of dating, Wissam Al Mana and Janet Jackson are engaged, according to a new report - and they're planning a secret wedding to boot!

Wissam Al Mana "gave her a huge, expensive ring" earlier this year, Us Weekly claims. So big, in fact, "She's afraid it will get lost, so she keeps it locked up!"

Wissam Al Mana, Janet Jackson

The luxury-brand mogul, 37, spares no expense when it comes to the 46-year-old sister of Michael Jackson. Insiders say they'll wed in spring in his native Qatar.

The wedding "will cost millions," reveals a Jackson insider to the celebrity magazine. "He is flying in all of Janet's friends and family on private jets."

That would be ... pricey. Janet Jackson, of course, has seven siblings and more than 20 nieces and nephews, plus her parents Joe and Katherine Jackson.

And that's not all. Adds the source, "He wants to get a top chef to create a custom menu." The ceremony will undoubtedly be "a circus," another source says.

While the private Janet has yet to confirm the big news personally, she is said to be over the moon about the wedding, and starting a family with Wissam Al Mana.

"She wants kids," says the Jackson source. "If she can't have them, she will adopt."

Congratulations to Janet and Wissam - if in fact this piece of celebrity news is true!


wow, am happy for them. goodluck. they look happy together.these days one can adopt if one wants but i think at 46 she still have some years ahead before monpos. just tell ur man to push harder, u will get preg. love u guys loads...


eeewwww--with a name like that it won't last. they are all dirt--just like her strange brother!!!! nasty........

@ meg

you are just jeolous - no one mentioned anything about Michael. With all that money she could care less what the f### you think.


Good for Janet! I absolutely love her. She's Great!


I am glad to hear such positive news. I think that I love hearing/reading news from favorable celebrities such as Janet Jackson, Shakira, Maria Menounos, etc.

@ Ernest

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and what what she waiting for to have kids , wiating for a millionaire is she muslim now ?


Curious as to the constant comments of the gentleman Janet Jackson is dating is a Billionaire! Looking over Forbes worlds wealthiest people from Carlos Slim Helu ($60B), Bill Gates ($50B) and Warren Buffet ($40B); to Xu Jinger ($1B), Denise Your ($1B) and Zhang Guiping ($1B). Not that I'm a wealthy person because I'm kinda struggling day to day; but I'm blessed and thankful.
Again just wondering why the title keeps being put on him as a Billionaire. If he and his family are; that's great and happy for them and Janice as she journeys down the road of matrimony. Just curious and I apologize if anyone thinks I'm downing Mr. Al Mana, I'm not again just curious as to the title over him!


WOW!! I always thought that she was a lesbian (not that theres anything wrong with that).


I'm so happy for Janet and won't attempt to mess up her fiance name, plz take care of her and make her happy the rest of her life and Janet you do the same for him, time is precious, much love and God bless.


congratulations Janet and Wissam, I know you have to take your time to find the right person and if you're marrying him he's just that, so get married and have a beautiful life together. You said you was in CONTROL and you are, wish I could be there...LOL


Sorry, Wissam, for the misspelling!

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