Couple's Breakup Song Announces Split to Friends, Begs Them to Still Hang Out

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A Brooklyn couple broke up in unique, musical fashion this week.

Posted online late Wednesday, the couple's breakup song announced the split to friends, punctuating a five-year relationship on a bittersweet, catchy note.

Jonathan Mann, 30, and now-ex-girlfriend Ivory King, 31, thought the music video, entitled, “We’ve Got To Break Up”, would be the easiest way to break the news.

The basic reason their once-happy coupledom broke down?

“I want kids and she doesn’t,” Mann told the N.Y. Daily News.

“I didn’t want to make a post on Facebook and have that be it. I didn’t want to have to explain it over and over to people, because that can be really painful."

“I hoped it would feel cathartic to make this together, as sort of our final act,” he added, however, “When it comes down to it, there’s no way to feel anything but sad."

Heartbreak aside, reaction to the song has been amazing.

“We’ve been together for so long that we have so many mutual friends, and it was a big thing to sort of split that up,” Mann said. “But people are being super supportive."

"They’re happy that we made this and that it’s amicable."

Even more incredibly, it was just another addition to Mann's “Song a Day” project; For more than 14,00 consecutive days, he’s posted a new song on his YouTube page.


femmegauche about sums it up nicely. Didn't they talk about this stuff BEFORE THE WEDDING? "I thought she might." BS. My husband and I (Married 40 years this June 23rd) courted. We talked, and talked and got to know each other. What goals do you have? What do you want out of life? Do you want a open or closed, traditional marriage? (He was cheated on and hurt deeply - and he could keep a harem of women busy ;) Don't any of these couples honor their vows anymore? Has our society become so depraved, so self-centered that we treat marriage and being intimate with another so casually? What ever became of "Until death do us part." He is nine years older than me. If he goes (and I'm still hit on even though I'm a old woman) - My love for my Mr. Right will last through eternity. Why? Because we talked deeply and frankly about what we wanted out of life and we've had problems (money, kids, jobs, etc). Life hasn't been easy for us - but we worked stuff out, compromised, and really got to know each other BEFORE we became intimate. Passion is fleeting - love is forever.


Are you freaking kidding me? The audacity of these two that they had to create a video to announce to their friends of their split? Yeah, way to indicate that you're relationship is something so valuable and both parties are singularly soo important to warrant such an over-the-top notice. It makes you wonder how inflated people's egos get when they are within a confined relationship where everybody else is in the exterior and those two solely have some kind of special thing that now has completely fallen apart. What carnage shall incur they believe. How shall they go on. Obviously these types believe that everyone else lives vicariously through them. It's like jfc, grow the hell up and get over yourselves. Get some humility ffs. People break up, hearts are torn, feelings are hurt, but time goes on and nobody is fatally affected by it. Stop treating it like it's the announcement of an impending apocalypse.


Douchy hipsters...

@ Tim

Nicely put!

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