Kristen Stewart Lashes Out at Reporter: You Know Nothing!

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When Kristen Stewart was asked about Robert Pattinson on The Today Show this week, she tried to laugh and brush the question off.

It was awkward, but mostly calm and successful.

But the stress of the situation is clearly getting to the actress, as evidenced by another interview she gave this week to The Los Angeles Times.

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Alongside Stephenie Meyer, Stewart went into depth about Breaking Dawn Part 2 and The Twilight Saga in general, but somewhat lost her cool when the topic of her personal life was addressed.

"People are just going to write the movie version of your life and consume it the way they please. I get the inclination to be entertained by that as well, so go for it. Have at it. Take it. Take it," Stewart told the reporter.

"But you knew nothing about my relationship before. You know less now. How could you?"

On Thursday, the topic was also brought up with Pattinson during a chat with Savannah Guthrie. How did the handsome actor reply?

In a coy, cool manner, of course. He's very good at that.


So... the headline for this article is "Kristen Stewart Lashes Out at Reporter: You Know Nothing!", yet in the article itself, you are accurate in saying "It was awkward, but mostly calm and successful". And when commenting on Robert's reply you say he did it in a "coy, and cool manner of course". What the hell is with this blatant sexism? If you watch the video of Kristen, she does not "lash" out at all. She replies with a smile and keeps her personal matters private. So why does Robert automatically just glorified as being coy and cool. You're not much of a credible news source anyways, but still, screw you. Just whatever.


GO KRISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


so why give them any attention?


These two have lots of young fans. Sine I am no one of them I really don't care about their personal lives. Let them work out their lives in pubic...unless they are selling information like some of the celebrities do. Always amazed when big celebrities sell thier wedding pictures for money when they don't need it. I never buy these magazines as I think it the poorest taste!!!


Move on, people, nothing to see here...just another beat-up by a sensation-hungry media hack trying to make something interesting out of a harmless remark.


I believe this comes from a lot of stress. This girl has been through a lot. I also believe somehow she's afraid of Rob wanting to keep a low profile on the relationship. I am so sorry for her. It's important to keep the cool and try to respond in a polite way even to say nothing of the matter, but you learn that in the process, she's still learning and even though I disagree that both Robert and Kristen won't say a word, I have to come to terms that speculation is all we can do, and only TIME WILL TELL.

Evelyn 1

Kristen in LA Times goes to all those tabloid journalists who do nothing but write nonsense and inventing stories of the private lives of others. That journalist with no pants on I ask Bill Clinton or Hilary during infidelity scandal? of course. . journalists cowards!
Hilton Hater interprets the words of Kristen as he wants to be, just to get attention and money ..... that gives it relates to Kristen about the business of journalists.


For God's Sake...get over this. If Pattinson can forgive her...can't you? She is a very sweet girl that make a mistake. At least she is not pregnant or on dope or on food stamps like so many of America's sluts.


Jealous haters. All of you


Kristen did not lash out at the reporter, she was speaking hypothetically about how she would like to deal with someone asking the question. If you had read the LA Time article you would know this, but all you people do is regurgitate garbage.


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