Kate Middleton: Pregnant and Alone?!

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News flash: Kate Middleton is not pregnant and/or alone.

Note the phrase "her biggest fear" in smaller-type on the magazine cover below. The Kate Middleton pregnancy rumor mill is in full swing, but this is just misleading.

Kate Middleton Pregnant, Alone?

According to Life & Style, she desperately wants Prince William to quit the Royal Air Force, and he has six weeks to choose between his career and his family!

If he already got Kate Middleton pregnant, this would carry some weight. But it's unlikely he has, so this is your typical tabloid cover story comprised of utter BS.

Makes for good celebrity gossip though, no doubt.

The best, almost certainly fake quote attributed to Kate? "I can't raise our baby without you." Again, the lack of baby thing sort of ruins that quote. Details.

Prince William does have to decide fairly soon whether to sign on for another tour of duty with the RAF once his current one ends in late summer 2013.

If he declines, it could be a legitimate sign that a baby is on the way, or that the adorable royal couple is at least planning for it in the quasi-near future.

Until then, let the tabloid covers and over-analysis of Kate Middleton pics rage on!

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What are you talking about? Ok, either these people never update this place or you haven't realised that Kate Middleton is pregnant and trust me (not the idiot that made this stupid blog anyway) that ALL those quotes are true!! WTF to the writer of this blog!!


We all know what the royals decide to release. Know one knows for a fact that is the whole and god honest truth


Kate is pregnant, so I think you should delete that she is under 12 weeks pregnant but she is pregnant


what a stunning couple. so good to see them happy. diana would be so proud. total elegance. what a breath of fresh air to see CLASS.


The media want to kill Kate like they murdered me.