ENORMOUS Kim Kardashian Sunglasses: Awesome or Ugly?

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Kim Kardashian is set to launch a plus-size fashion line.

And while we doubt sunglasses will be included in it, the large-breasted reality star donned the most enormous and ridiculous pair of shades we've ever seen while in England yesterday.

Seriously. We knew Kim liked her men black, but we had no idea that same philosophy applied to eyewear. Can she even see out of these things?

Kim Kardashian, Sunglasses
Kim Kardashian, Giant Shades

What do you think of Kim Kardashian's sunglasses?


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ENORMOUS Kim Kardashian Sunglasses: Awesome or Ugly?
Ain't it the hottest thing?
Good luck!


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I want to shove them up her big, fat ass.


looks more like a visor


She is so Kanye


it's so ugly, even a cow wouldn't fit it!!
on the other hand: SHE IS IN THE NEWS AGAIN!!


The desperate attempt of someone over thirty begging for attention. She really needs to grow up and find some kine of life!!

Camille davis

The mask should be larger. To cover her whole face... Wait what about a burqa?

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