Chubby Kid Covers "We Are Young," Puts X Factor on Notice

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This slightly overweight teenager definitely has a bright future in the music biz. Somebody get him on X Factor (or at least the Web Redemption segment of Tosh.0)!

In the video below, he offers his best rendition of Fun's hit "We Are Young."

You do not want to miss it.


thanks for posting my video. and thanks for the people in the comments being nice about mentioning my weight. but honestly the more people "bully" me about my weight the more i want to get into shape to then laugh at them when they gain weight. so in the end, its great motivation


Why did you have to bring his weight into this??? Why am I surprised...this coming from a site that posts two pictures of women side by side and asks the reader "Who would you rather pork"
In today's day and age of bullying and sexism, you should feel disgusted with yourselves.


I'd really like to know what the hell him being chubby has ANYTHING to do with his talent. Way to be bullies THG, and hide behind your pen names!


What an insulting headline. Who cares if he is chubby? What does that have to do with his singing ability?

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