Breaking Dawn Part 2 Premiere Pics: The Return of Robsten!

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were back together last night in Los Angeles.

On the red carpet, at least.

Along with many other cast members and legions of screaming fans, Pattinson and Stewart appeared in public together last night for the first time since the latter admitted to cheating with director Rupert Sanders.

Was there noticeable tension? Touching? Big smiles? Analyze this photo of Rob and Kristen now!

Robsten on the Red Carpet

The event took place at the Nokia Theatre and neither Pattinson nor Stewart talked about their relationship with reporters.

Earlier this week, however, Stewart lashed out when asked to provide a Robsten status update.

But the actress was all smiles last night. Click through more photos of Rob and Kristen from the premiere below.

  • R. Patt at Breaking Dawn 2 Premiere
  • Kristen Stewart Waving
  • Robert Pattinson in Green
  • Kristen Stewart at Breaking Dawn Part 2 Premiere
  • Robert Pattinson Premiere Image
  • Pattinson Signing for Fans
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Really.???? This is the ugliest couple I have ever seen....they both really do look like Vampires.....


She is disgusting, Rob's friends and family must be weak to allow him to go back to that she-devil. No shame, no humility. I've lost all respect for Robert.


I couldn't care less about what you people believe, or think about Kristen I like her. And her personal life has no affect on her acting skills!! I hope their happy and think that she has learned from her mistake. The only real reason why they are unhappy together right now os people won't quit pissing at them and let then talk their problems out. so leave them the hell alone, and stop judging. SOOOO many celeberties have cheated on each other so back the fuck off!


I believe she will cheat again and again because that is who she is. She believes that she can get any man she wants because of her fame. It is in her eyes.Robert is wasting his time with her.


I believe she will cheat again and again because that is who she is. She believes that she can get any man she wants because of her fame. It is in her eyes.Robert is wasting his time with her.


Jennifer, you don't have a clue!!! Pretty immature to say the least! You must not listen to anything but your pea brain!


Love their clothes. They both look stunning. I notice their hair color is almost identical. Hope they are both happy.


KSCREW continues to prove to the world how she really gets her roles...


Kristen looked lovely and more relaxed than she sounded in her Yahoo! interview. Rob --well, Rob was himself but seemed a bit uncomfortable at times, nervous perhaps, with that kind of stunned look on his face, Adored her almost-but-not-entirely nude gown, as well as her hair (keep this stylist, KS) and immaculate makeup. Didn't care too much for Rob's suit -- green? houndstooth? -- but guess it'll be on his guy-fans tomorrow.


Glad to see this couple moving on. That said not feeling her choice of clothing. This picture looks like she's in her underwear.