America's Got Talent to Replace Sharon Osbourne With...

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Sharon Osbourne is out. Who will soon be in?

With Osbourne having already announced her upcoming departure from America's Got Talent, producers are on the hunt for her replacement.

And, according to TMZ insiders, they are seeking yet another opinionated woman for the panel. The three names reportedly under consideration? Shannen Doherty, Carly Simon and Leann Rimes.

Shannen Doherty Red Carpet Pic
Leann Rimes Red Carpet Laugh
Carly Simon Photo

Can you imagine either of these stars joining Howie Mandell and Howard Stern (neither of whom are under contract for 2013)?

Sound off now: Who would make the best America's Got Talent judge?


Sharon Osborne will be greatly missed. Her background selecting talent is well know. Love you Sharon. Howard Stern did an outstanding job and suprised a lot of epople, and Howie -- what can you say "he is a perfect fit for the show"....... I know they will select a "new" great judge to replace Sharon. I look forward to the 2013 Season

Dean klebonas

It won't be the same without Sharon. She was perfect. I hope Howie stays, too because he's a great judge also.