Chuck Pagano Speech: Colts Coach Returns From Cancer Treatment, Inspires Team in Locker Room

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Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano, currently hospitalized and undergoing treatment for leukemia, paid a brief visit to his team in the locker room Sunday.

Watch what he said after Indy's 23-20 win over Miami:

In under two minutes, Pagano may have delivered one of pro football's most inspiring moments, entering the room to reveal his bald head and visibly shrunken frame.

The coach praised the upstart, 5-3 Colts for "living in a vision, not circumstances."

He then added, "My vision is that I'm living to see two more daughters get married, dance at their weddings and then hoist that Lombardi several times."

Back in the CBS studio, there were no words. Only tears.

NOTE: The winner of the Super Bowl receives the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Pagano has three daughters, Tara, Taylor and Tori; Tara is married with two girls of her own.

Be well, Chuck.