Accuser: Cee Lo Green Drugged Me, Slept With Me

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Cee Lo Green stands accused of slipping a woman drugs and then sleeping with her against her conscious will.

This is the latest update to the sexual assault allegations surrounding The Voice judge, who has already denied all claims that he took advantage of a his dinner companion at a Los Angeles sushi restaurant months ago.

Cee Lo Green on the Red Carpet

According to TMZ sources, the accuser alleges that she had a drink with Green; he slipped her Ecstasy; and her next memory is lying in bed naked next to the artist.

She went straight to the police afterward and the case was eventually turned over to the LAPD.

Supposedly, detectives asked the woman to call Green and get him to acknowledge the incident - which she did and then which he did, apologizing and referencing the drug in question.

But those close to Cee Lo deny this tape exists or that the phone call ever took place. They also say the woman approached a civil lawyer prior to the police and extorted the singer for money in exchange for her silence.

Other insiders, however, stick with the story that the woman first approached the authorities and then simply her her attorney phone Green's manager to ask if Green had any STDs.

There are many conflicting sides and detectives will turn the matter over to the L.A. County District Attorney's Office once the investigation is complete.

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B4 we make comments lets get ALL the facts first, bcause none of us were there except him & her.


What a shame. Seems there are no bounds to what some people are willing to do to get laid or get recognition. He's a fame whore and so is she. She knew who he was ....probably knows his bank account too! Ya never know!

@ Marianna

You don't know shit ... So, uhh fuck you and uhh fuck her to ! She wants money thats for sure, but if u Believe everything you read then belive this, your an idiot.. there, you just read it so does that make it true? In this case, yes. As for most cases in the public eye, what you hear or read about a "celebs" juicy gossip are either A. nothing more than a mere fabrication of the truth, with hopes of extorting money and gaining fame or B. a lie, and therefore a deformation of character that is usually made after the celeb refuses to privately negotiate a hush hush deal. BAM

@ Marianna

stupid hoe


Here we go again...first of all she knew who Cee Lo was..... she saw money.... and I do believe she had her own intention....if not why have a drink with him...yes we always means why didn't she practice that, and just say no to the drink...she had something up her sleeves. Now he slip her drugs...Really!!!!......they might have did drugs together and she just could not handle the drug...this is a big mess and too bad for Cee Lo and the lady....look like the drug just was too big for both....cause no one can remember
anything.....what? huh? who? me!!!!!


Just look at this What-ever, He did it. From the looks of him he would do anything to get a piece of TAIL...That sees to be the only way he will get any

@ T.I..L.

Looks don't define one's guilt. Well... not always.


HOAX. This reminds me of the "Justin Bieber slept with me."


He says she says. Another drama rama.