Will Kim Kardashian End Up PREGNANT AND ALONE?

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Kim Kardashian is neither pregnant nor alone. But the latest issue of OK! Weekly makes it clear:

She's afraid of being pregnant and alone!

Kim Kardashian: Pregnant and Alone?

Sources supposedly tell the tabloid that Kardashian really wants a child, but is "scared to raise a baby alone."

And the motherly urges couldn't come at a worse time because Kanye West has allegedly given Kim an "ultimatum."

He has told her that she better “make some changes" or "he will dump her," this anonymous insider claims, explaining:

"He’s laid down the law when it comes to her show... Kris [Jenner] is constantly trying to get Kanye to do appearances, and he thinks the show is beneath him."

Of course, Kanye acted like anything but a distant boyfriend last night. He nearly attacked a photographer after she asked him about Kim's ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush.

Such a reaction causes one to wonder: Would Kim's imaginary child be better off with such a role model?


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Will Kim Kardashian End Up PREGNANT AND ALONE?
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just have the baby and leave you deal with it you shoud have had protection and not spreading ur pussy ever where


yes and no flavor flav is going to marrie her and make the uglyest babies ,great couple


my comment is concise, my advice to Kim is to turn a new leaf, i like a lot but words said about her being a slut want to make me cry, she has a great plan for self, she should not allow anybody to decide for her, she is old a enough to make a good judgement for herself and what will make her.Most importantly she should invite God in a life so as to have a complete and well structure life.I wish her well man as it all,we are all striving to be the best we can, Rome was not build in day,God help you KIM,change and your father will be proud of you.
LOts of love


This self absorbed person will always be known as a complete tramp with a lame sex tape. How's that money helpin ya now honey. LOL!!!


don't panic now, kim.
........I WILL BE THERE.(you can be sure)


I think it's sad that she is so self absorbed. She went with her sister to a doctor's appointment when her sister was having fertility problems, and managed to turn it all into her own issue, and froze her eggs. Her sister is still struggling, but she, being the drama queen that he is, turned it all about her. It was very disappointing. That was her chance to make people like her and think she might possibly be able to care about someone other than herself, and SHE BLEW IT!

@ Sasha

I saw that episode as well. It disgusted me. Every time another one of her family members gets attention for something she has to go flip it to be about herself. She is in her early 30s and acts like my 20 year old cousin. She needs to grow up and show some respect!


Ugh, nobody cares! Can we please just go one day without hearing about Kim Kardashian? Seriously? Just ignore her and maybe she'll go away.

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