THG Caption Contest: Miley Cyrus on "Men"

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Welcome, readers, to another edition of THG's Caption Contest!

This week's image comes to us courtesy of Miley Cyrus on Two and a Half Men, which she gave a major ratings boost to last night. This image? Classic.

What do you think is the best caption for it?

You tell us! Just leave comment(s) below with the best caption(s) for the photo! Go to it! Winner will be announced on Monday. Best of luck!

UPDATE: Our winner is sirlaffalot. Congrats!

Miley Cyrus on Two and a Half Men Photo

"Yes, I can figure our combined IQs. After all, I know how to count all the way to 20!"

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Yes, I can figure our combined IQs. After all, I know how to count all the way to twenty!


Wanna play hide the purple capsule?


Miley: "Wanna smoke some salvia?"
Ashton: "Please.."


heyy!! miley rockz in this!!! <3 she looks freaking hot and sexy!!! OMG!! who can beat that??! miley rockz 4ever n its a fact!!!!!!!! i loveeeee youuuuuuuu miley cyrus!!!!!!!!!!!!! <333333


"I'm hold 'this'.... but I'd rather be holding something else...."


Ashton: Miley, goddamn, girl...that short-looking floral outfit you have on makes you look even more H-O-T!!!!! I wish Mila would dress more like that.
Miley: Dude...don't compare me to your latest girlfriend of the moment. Desperate PLAYA!!!!! LOL!!!!!


So that was your hair before.... and this is how it looks now?


Ashton- omg her acting is as bad as her hair. Now I regret complaining about achy breaky heart.


Ashton is better comic person then miley


Ashton: Your hair is ugly.
Miley: No you love it.