Teen Mom Reunion Special: Who Broke Up? Who's Planning a Wedding?

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SO, what are Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, Catelynn Lowell and Farrah Abraham up to lately? MTV answered that on a very special reunion show last night.

It's only been like two months, but you gotta fill airtime somehow.

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Farrah Abraham

  • She is "happier" now but still clashes with her mom on how to parent Sophia.
  • Farrah went to visit Derek's grave for the 995th time, and did not cry. Phew.

Catelynn Lowell

  • All about wedding planning! The big day: July 13, 2013!
  • Catelynn already found the perfect dress. HOORAY!
  • Will their daughter Carly (who they gave up for adoption) attend the ceremony? Time will tell. They're going to write her parents and hope for the best.

Amber Portwood

  • Still serving a five-year prison term.
  • "I'm still a single dad and I'll be a single dad tomorrow." - Gary Shirley. A single dad in a very large Aeropostale shirt. Sorry, had to.
  • Amber Portwood is getting a "Behind Bars" special with Dr. Drew next Tuesday. No joke. MTV is milking this show to a ridiculous extent.

Maci Bookout

  • Maci and Kyle King split up recently because of his alleged behavior.
  • She moved into a new house with her son Bentley and her friends.
  • Ryan and Dalis broke up, which helps Maci's relationship with him.
  • He also moved out of his parents house. Knock us over with a feather.

who is u fave

@ selena

Wow they are all sooo ugly except for maci


Maci, I would love to see her just live...get to know who she is outside of a camera and a man! When the time is right, someone will come into her life and hopefully, she will be ready to receive him. Right now, just enjoy your son, focus on building a career and being a young adult. Amber...I left comments on that trainwreck on the jail update story.


Farrah (I love that name) is one of my least fav teen moms! Her mom really dropped the ball with disciplining her. This is why she's been such a brat throughout her stint on tv and beyond. I would love to slap her, as well (way to go mom)! What I want Farrah to know is that you reap what you sow. Meaning, sometimes the awful, hurtful things we do to others often come back to us-or worse to those we love. She needs counseling and parenting classes. Perhaps MTV could offer her a spinoff show based on that rather than her life of being an overpaid bitchy mom/daughter. As for Caitlynn & Ryan, while I'll never know the pain of adopting out my child, I think it's time for them to step WAY back from Carly and her parents. They wanted her to have a good & "normal" life...well let her! Do they realize their intruding on her/her parents' lives is NOT NORMAL? More counseling for them, please!

@ Concerned

Today is Tuesday June 27th at 9:49 A.M. and I am watching Teen Mom: A Little Help where Maci and Ryan go to counseling and I am really shocked by Farrah, she claims she is a teenager then she should have kept her legs closed and she wouldn't have had a child at a young age. She has stop her partying or give her kid up


I feel sad for Amber. She is battling a drug addiction and I don't believe she deserves 5 years in jail. It is very unfortunate that she chose jail because there are treatment programs that could have helped her on the 'outside' and Leah will miss out on having her mother. She is not a bad person - but has troubles. Farrah also has major emotional troubles. She would likely benefit from some serious psychological help to get herself together. I cringe at the way she treats her parents with so little respect. Hope she changes her ways because little Sophia should not see this kind of behavior. As for Maci & Ryan, I hope they do not get back together because Ryan treats her with no respect - in fact, he is mean to her. Instead of focusing so much on getting back at Maci, he should grow up and try hard to get along with her for the sake of their son Bentley. I wish the very best for all the teen moms and their adorable little tykes! Take care & we will miss watching you!


Part 2
Catelynn and Tyler seem like a great couple, and I am proud of how they have risen above all their childhood hardships. I don't think Carly, Brandon and Theresa will attend the wedding. I think this adoption is more semi-open than Catelynn or Tyler expected, but they are very adaptable..
I cannot wait to see Amber being interviewed by Dr. Pinsky next week! I think she is ultimately a smart girl, but undoubtedly troubled. With a mother like that and a childhood like that, I can see how Amber derailed. Make no mistake, my true sympathy is for her daughter. i do hope Amber can succeed in recovery and be there for Leah in a few years. Leah's a bright little girl, and ultimately Amber was a good mom when she was around. It was not enough though. At least Gary has stepped in. He better attend al-anon/narcanon meetings as well as councelling and learn how to deal with Amber properly once she gets out. I'll miss this show and hope to see updates from time to time.


Part 1 This is very out of character for me, but I actually would like to see a Maci and Ryan work out a romantic relationship one day. I usually think once it is over (more than once with them), it is over. I do believe there is something to them, but only if and when Ryan can grow up more and be more understanding. Then the chemistry and compatibility can be realized. I am not counting on it. I see a lot of similarities between Maci and I (except I have no children yet and am several years older), and I think she is cautious but pulling for a grown-up Ryan to be with her. Farrah, I greatly feel for, but she is such a mess of a mother. Her mother is a mess of a mother, so it is no surprise. When I saw in the update last night, Sohpia still had a paci, I wanted to jump in from the tv, and toss it in the trash once and for all. And then tell Farrah she desperately needs parenting classes along his her therapy sessions because she is doing such disservices to her daughter.

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