Octomom to Mail Lady: Quit Spying on Me!

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Octomom believes her mail lady is spying on her, according to reports. We wouldn't be too surprised ... that Octomom is so self-absorbed and paranoid that she believes this.


Nadya Suleman's rep claims she saw someone taking photos of her car Thursday, and that the postal worker claimed she took them because she "wanted one for herself."

Octo and her security team weren't buying it.

She filed a complaint with the Palmdale Postmater for violation of privacy, claiming the mail carrier has been giving out her address and she's noticed an increase in traffic of late.

No word if Nadya believes she's behind the recent egging.

"I am so shocked by the behavior of the USPS, now I know how people have been getting my address. It is very disturbing that this woman is handling my personal mail," Octo told TMZ.

"I certainly hope they are going to take this situation seriously. It is disgusting."

Not as disgusting as the Octomom porn trailer, but close.


She has security? Maybe the mail person was
taking photos of the red sports car it has been tweeted Suleman has been driving. This is the same woman that had a begging site on fund me
for a down payment on a house in a gated community.
People that donated to her should have that "warm
stupid, I've been had" feeling.
She should know disgusting. Her photo should be
in the dictionary next to that word.
Leave the mail lady alone. She's working a real job.
She broke no laws.
Quit paying attention to her, she's irrelevant.


this slut makes california look so cheap after the glory day's of Ronald Reagan as governor, folks!!


She's making up lies yet again. Pathological lying famewhore.
And wow all that botox and looks so rough. Those big lips are not flattering at all. Lay off the vodka and plastic surgery, you neglectful beast.


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