Levi Johnston-Sunny Oglesby Wedding Photos: So Happy Together!

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Levi Johnston and Sunny Oglesby tied the knot yesterday in Wasilla, Alaska.

Their daughter, baby Breeze Beretta, was on hand ... and in their hands:

Levi Johnston, Sunny Oglesby Wedding Photo
Levi Johnston and Sunny Oglesby Wedding Photo

As for his other child, four-year-old son Tripp, the little man could not make it.

Hilariously, Levi did not tell his ex, Bristol Palin, that he was tying the knot over the weekend, and instead simply asked for custody of his son Saturday and Sunday.

Palin denied his request.

It was up to Breeze Beretta, the one-month-old daughter of Levi, 22, and Sunny, 20, to take part in the ceremony, officiated by Johnston's friend Crosby Marrow.

The couple's wedding - the first for both - took a lighthearted turn when the groom made a mess of his vows and elicited laughs from family and friends in attendance.

"To have and to hold, whatever you say," Inside Edition reports Johnston as saying.


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This is good; Levi will give up legal rights to Tripp. Bristol and Gino are meant for eachother. Please marry now. And be content to make a happy, loving home for eachother and your children.


ugh ugh, puke puuuuke, just for the pictures, folks!!

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