LeAnn Rimes: Rehab Gave Me a Fresh Start

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After a month's worth of voluntary rehab for anxiety and stress, LeAnn Rimes tells Katie Couric that she feels like she's been given a fresh start.

LeAnn Rimes and Katie Couric

"I feel like I am starting over even though I've had all these years behind me," she says. "How many people get to [start] over in this day and age?"

In the interview, which airs tomorrow, Rimes also discusses how her relationship with Eddie Cibrian made her a target for bullies - and celeb gossip tabloids.

The 30-year-old says she's under constant scrutiny: “People look at you and go, 'Why are you struggling?' … No one can quite understand why you hurt so badly."

LeAnn Rimes bullying has been going on for awhile now.

Over time, she says, it can be overwhelming: "It's hard to take it day after day of reading and seeing things that someone you don't even know says about you."

"As much as you stay strong and say you don't want it to penetrate, it does, because you're human."


LeAnn Rhimes isn't cured from " exhaustion " she's suffering from a guilty conscience from being an adulterer with now new hubby Eddie. And she is always going to be seen as the whore who stole another woman's man. Plain and simple. Hate to be blunt, but its true. Isn't it funny how one's inner morality center can tell on you better than your own words. Let that be a lesson to everyone, if you can't handle the consequences of adultery, then don't fuckin do it.


I pray every day that LeAnn is doing well and that she is able to shake the dust from her feet (Matthew 10:14) when dealing with those who do nothing but put down her every move. (bowing my head). God bless you and her always! Holly in East Tennessee (a day one fan of LeAnn)


Oh please someone tell her to zip it!! She was the one posting her pictures all over the internet for attention. Now she's blabbing to Katie. Go away and live your life. Another annoying attention seeker just like the rest of them,they never stop!!


She needs to stop , she is sueing average people because they do not side with her. She really does have psycological problems. She should stay off of twitter if she doesn't like what the public say.

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