Honey Boo Boo Makes Like Christopher Walken, Demands More Cowbell

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He's an Oscar nominee and an all-time great Saturday Night Live host.

She's a seven-year old beauty pageant contestant who dines on deer and sketti.

But Christopher Walken and Honey Boo Boo will forever now be linked, thanks to a pair of hilarious viral videos, both courtesy of ScreenJunkies.com.

In response to Walken, Colin Farrell and Sam Rockwell promoting their film Seven Psychopaths by reciting lines from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, June Shannon and her daughter sit down below and do the same for classic Walking films.

Watch and laugh now as Honey enters the world of True Romance and Pulp Fiction:


I have tried to watch a few interviews with them. Since they have been making the rounds. That kid is so annoying. Mom is talking and that kid interrupts babbles out loud and so on. No thanks.


how big will this kid gonna be?
300 pounds?