Heather Clem: Devastated by Hulk Hogan Sex Tape!

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Your big d-ck feels so good in my p-ssy.

Heather Clem may be quoted as expressing this sentiment in the now-infamous Hulk Hogan sex tape making its way around the Internet - but sources say the 38-year is anything but pleased with the release of this video.

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“Heather is completely devastated the sex tape has appeared in public and doesn’t want to talk about it,” a friend tells Radar Online. “She thinks it puts her in a bad light – it’s not as if Hulk’s a hunk and it’s a pretty embarrassing moment."

That's a valid point.

Clem is also the ex-wife of Hogan's best friend, DJ Bubba the Love Sponge. She loses some point there, as well.

Then there's the footage itself, during which Hogan halts Clem mid-encounter and checks his cell phone.

When the act is complete, the former WWE champion pats his stomach and tells his partner he had eaten a few minutes earlier and “felt like a pig” while they were having intercourse.

Seriously. We have no idea why Clem is so humiliated.

For all of this, meanwhile, Hogan may pocket millions. Somewhere, Kim Kardashian is giving him a virtual fist pound.

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I believe they both enjoyed it. Sadly the both of then cheated on thier partners back then. If anyone is to blame, then that would be Hulk hagan that was married for years, a Role model to many and a father of 2 grown kids that posibly new he could divide his happy familly once he is caught


Hogan is a protitute. a hure and a cheater...


hahaha go paps lol,wrinkle or not you"ve got it lmao


Oh, Boo Hoo Hoo. Heather Clem didn't seem too devastated when she and Hulk Hogan had sex. Spare me.


She married a guy named "Bubba the love sponge", a guy who might remind you of Newman from Seinfeld. She knowingly participated in the making of this flick. The interaction brings to mind a john-hooker engagement and she is devastated? calling him "corny"? A friend is someone who you drive to the airport or let sleep on your couch. This is a greasy meatball lending out his sleezy wife to a desparate and miserable celebrity. Next time spank it Hulkster!


good comment LINDY LOO!!!! says it all. they are ALL dirt.


Why oh why has this kiss and tell shullbit become the norm? I don't care if it is guys or gals, keep your bleepin' lip buttoned after the (f)act!


hey hulkster, good job brother!


he simply needs to HUSTLE the homes for the elderly before entering.


He doesn't look as if he would be good in bed. And he proves it in the tape

@ lynn

Hes a pig, and shes the cow that gave the milk away for free. He has no obligation to respect someone that obviously does'nt respect her self its funny she sure didnt mind posing for the camra!

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