Binders Full of Women: Romney Debate Explodes Into Internet Meme

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Mitt Romney's quote that he brought "binders full of women" into his cabinet as Governor of Massachusetts has taken on a life of its own since last night's second presidential debate.

Predictably, the comment (watch video clip above for context) has been heavily spoofed with clever array of visuals on a new Tumblr blog in the last 12 hours.

Selected memes feature a Trapper Keeper, a text from Hillary Clinton, binders from HIMYM's Barney Stinson and Hugh Hefner, and much more.

Take a look at a bunch after the jump and follow the above link for the mother lode!

Binder of Carly Rae
A Binder of Women
Binder - Of Women!
Binder - Hillary
Binder - Trapper Keeper
Binder - Hugh
Binder - Barney
Aimee davison

Binders full of women dubstep remix: youtube. com/watch?v=9_bk54HayZY


You stupid bunch of Hollywood followers. He is not speaking literally! He is talking -Women's names in binders you Dumbasses.

@ Shelia

You are stupid, people are taking it further just to make fun of this idiot. He deserves it after the way he treated the President.

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