Prince Phillip Makes Like Prince Harry, Flashes Junk

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Queen Elizabeth II's husband Prince Phillip must have been inspired by his grandson Prince Harry when he donned a kilt in Scotland over the weekend.

At the Gathering for the Highland Games (yup, the competition in Brave is based on a real thing) this weekend, the 91-year-old royal let it all hang out.

We can give the guy a break. Seated next to his wife, Queen Elizabeth II, it was Phillip's first public appearance since a couple of recent hospitalizations.

Prince Phillip, Kilt

Good ventilation if nothing else, right?

Still no word on whether the Prince Harry nude video rumored to have been filmed the night of his wild Las Vegas antics is even real ... ditto the recent photo of the Loch Ness Monster, while we're on the subject of Scotland.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]


As a member of the clan Macleod I lift a glass and say "slainte" to him! Kilts are made of wool and can be quite itchy. Wearing nothing under them in warm weather takes a brave man and lots of talcum powder!


As my Scottish/Irish Grandfather would say. "Only a Real Man can wear a kilt." Anyone who knows about the wearing of the Tartan will tell you. They are to be worn w/nothing on underneath. Once again showing how really ignorant & disrespectful our American Press & Purtiancal thinking we are. Not to mention down right stupid of you to put your opinion where it is neither wanted or needed. Our president & senators show their asses all the time. However, for some reason you seem to think y'all have a right to put in your two sense about a Prince & Husband of The Queen of Britian.

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