Mitt Romney Tax Returns: Hacked, Up For Bids!?

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An anonymous individual or group claims to have obtained "all available" tax returns associated with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

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    Kind of reminds me of Dan Rather claiming he had paperwork that Bush had went AWOL while in the Guard. A signed document that in the end was used with a font that didn't even exist in the 1970's. Later Dan Rather lost has anchor spot on CBS because of this lie. Yeah- its so much easier to accuse and not be held accountable than to research before hand! Breaking News is so important?


    Dear: Matt/Reed, Do you ever stop being a short tiny dick? I'm sorry, that your brain is smaller than a bird. Hey, did you ever move from the pre-k school yet? Wait a min, I am giving you too much credit. My friend, pet rat brain is way bigger than your's. I am not sorry that you was raise by a bunch of pigs.


    You know, I might apologize for my bluntness if I thought it would be accepted, but I know better. I might tell you how lucky you are to have me here, a person who you can consistently bash, yet I don't think you could appreciate that fact. I am one who is searching for answers. What drives you Democrats to persistently demand the world rebuilt to your liking? You people have absolutely nothing in common but the hate you share for success and wealth in America. Early in the speech that YOUR 1st Lady gave she said she taught her kids not to dislike others for what they had, not to be jealous or resentful because others had more BUT- that is exactly who you are! You stand in awe of her but you cannot put the hatred down long enough to grasp her words.


    @guest You're right Matt must be a an ugly mean person. He doesn't believe in birth control being paid for because he has had natural birth control all his life. His face. His momma said she had to tie a fried chicken leg around his neck to get the dog to lick his face. I heard daina bought him one of those real dolls for christmas. Now Matt is only half an asshole.


    I would love to see Mitts' tax returns.


    Matt you are a very mean, nasty and evil person. You are so hateful to anyone who disagrees with you. GROW UP


    Yeah- but my rants keep you amused? Seriously- couldn't you just see these "Missing links" sitting in there- sweating, stinking, freaking fingernails as long as the arm rests, belching, pulling bologna sandwitches out of plastic bags, a sea of wine bottles left behind, Chicken & Waffle stand on each level. How many times would you hear the words- I'M Hungry? What a group of misfits and people have
    are audacious enough to ask why this country is in the shape it's in? Hey- was KC & THE SUNSHINE BAND THERE TONIGHT?


    Oh Matty, if only mama had kept her legs closed you wouldn't have to marry cousin Bertha. Explains so much about your "special " rants. Oh no, did you wet yourself again? You got the yipee dogs to handle your biz, like always!

    Obama's plan sucks. Romney 2012, the best of two evils.


    Yes- ANGRY BITTER LIBERAL WHITE WOMEN- pissed at the establishment! Jessie Jackson? Where's al Sharpton & the Black Panthers? Birth Control- there are many different ways to prevent pregnancy and keeping ones legs closed has a 100% efficiency rate.


    What a laugh! The DNC chairman had to come out due to the outrage over "God" and "Jerusalem" being left out of the platform. Tried to change it through acclimation, but the believers and the atheists are evenly divided in the party, ha! Couldn't do it that way afterall.

    Rev. Jessie Jackson saying as a man of the clothe he believes we should pay for abortion on demand.

    Sandra Fluke to speak soon....notice how it's white women talking about free birth control? Who do we taxpayers support with entitlements? Who has the biggest families to support by govt. programs? Minorities...and you never see a black or latino face demanding birth control in public as well as's the white women. Interesting!

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