Kate Middleton and Prince William Sex Photos on the Way?!?

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Photos of Kate Middleton topless are heating up the Internet and incensing the Royal Family, with a lawsuit already underway against French tabloid Closer for daring to run such private images.

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    Seriuosly? Hiding in the bushes taking photos of William and Kate? How pathetic is that? And why do people keep saying Kate shud be more careful? What about William? He has a voice! Maybe for once they wanted to let their hair down and enjoy private time in a private home in Europe where topless is so the norm! In public she is incredibly proper. Now they have found out just how low the paparazzi will go and how integral the paparazzi were in Diana's death. That's the lesson here!

    Don't be embarrassed Kate, you're stunning and a class act! I who am NOT a person who thinks suing is always the answer, in this case hope u sue the asses off these low life's! They should NOT get away with this gross intrusion of privacy.


    While I think it was extremely RUDE of those magazine to publish photos of Kate Middleton and Prince William, I also think it is prudent NOT to disrobe in public no matter how private you might think it is. The Paparazzi are relentless and will hang from trees if they have to. Next time the Royals should keep their clothes on when OUTSIDE so this will not happen again.


    Being a royal nd a super star is 2 different things,and that was careless of kate,one should always be cautious about image.


    Prince william is my brother, your wife is beautiful.


    This magazine's editors must have broken some archaic law that protects the royalty in England. So, the next time one of the fools enters England lock the b#%*~ard up. I think a young couple deserves respect and privacy whatever the occupation or station.


    Kate and William were not "fornicating" as you mention in this article. They are married. Fornication is sex between unmarried people.


    I'm a retard and I'm loving it♡̷̴̬̩̃̊


    The dude that spyd on them is a dirty perv if he took pics of you you would react the same way


    I'm not so sure that this isn't about nudity or privacy. It seems to have another intent.Perhaps on the suggestion that if pics can be gotten what else could be done. Look Prince Harry has been threatend. I think that a investigation should be done into the magazine, editor, stockholders, doesn't France have a socalist new head of state. Look we've all seen the human form boobs are boobs.etc. However, I think that the intent maybe something more poltical in design. They want to take disrespectful photos let's see what all can be from investagatingthen from top to bottem. Shine a real bright light on everything & everything that has anything to do w/this rag and the maggots that run it, who they associate with etc.etc. Do it in such a way that they won't soon forget to realize the microscope goes both ways.I am so sorry that the Prince & The Duchess have to be bothered w/this crap. I have no doubt that they were beautiful but should have their privacy protected.


    Royals should not expose themselves outdoors...Queen Elizabeth is the last true royal...the rest are amateurs and seem not to be taking serious responsibility for their extremely privileged lives. If i was famous, i would NEVER undress outdoors. No matter where I was..an inner walled courtyard, perhaps, but a balcony?

    Grow up? Please! How about - live according to your station in life?

    It's common sense. Well bred Ladies do not expose their breasts outdoors.

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