Jessica Simpson Post-Baby Body: REVEALED! HOT!

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After much hype, Jessica Simpson revealed her post-pregnancy body today, and damn, girlfriend shed like 40 pounds, while retaining some intense curve action.

The 32-year-old appeared on the premiere of Katie Couric’s talk show today, saying that losing pregnancy weight has been a “lot of pressure” and a “challenge.”

"All the weight did not come off with the baby,” the booty-ful one said.

No, it has not yet, but ... wow. Nicely done so far, Jess. Nicely done.

Jessica Simpson Post Baby Body

“During pregnancy, I just didn’t think about it,” she said of her weight gain. “I thought my doctors were telling me that it was just a lot of water and whenever my water broke my whole entire stomach would go down but that did not happen."

When we saw Jessica Simpson nude in Elle this April, she weighed 170 pounds. Baby girl Maxwell Drew Johnson arrived in May. She's lost 40 pounds since.

Earlier this year, the 5'4" Simpson signed a deal worth millions to become celebrity face of Weight Watchers. She's 10 pounds away from her goal weight.

“I basically take her with me, whether it’s strapping her on me or strolling around the neighborhood,” she said. “My new goal is 14,000 steps a day.”

Jess says she can't run yet, because her already formidable boobs have become so gigantic that it's just not even possible. See above, and below.

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Jessica Simpson, Katie Couric
Jessica Simpson, Eric Johnson Image
Jessica Simpson Boobs Pic
Jessica Simpson, Post Pregnancy Body
Jessica Simpson Curves

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I wonder how many copies of Jessica Simpson Nude Video were spread?!
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Now tell me it's not real!
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Manly Jessica Simpson looks like a dude in drag. Jessica's face looks like her dad Joe Simpson.


Who cares how much weight she gains?! Tuco you should just shutup because you don't know if all the haters are fat and that is none of your business anyway.


She has a beautiful baby and she'll get there in her weight loss goals. All those haters are probably fat toads who never even lost their baby weight and look as if they have an inner tube around their waist!


Why is this news?! She has a long struggle ahead because she gained way too much. One thing she will never lose is her naive attitude about weight gain.Sad.


As long as shes breastfeeding those boobs arent going anywhere. She looks great and should be proud of herself!


the united states will be bombing again.


Me too, nice rack - huge mommy hips.


Damn girl, keep goin, but don't loose anything up top. Yep I'm shallow


She thought when her water broke, her stomach would magically go flat? I can't believe she could be that naive.
Oh Jess...

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