Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Cast: Raking It In!

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June Shannon may have four daughters by four different men, but the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo matriarch scoffs at the notion that her family is only pulling in $4,000 per episode.

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Family

TMZ spoke to Shannon not long after reports surfaced online that she and her kids were earning in the love four figures each week for their wildly popular TLC reality show.

June denied the figure, actually laughing at the claim. How much has she banked off her embarrassing eccentric brood? June would merely say:

"We're making memories to last a lifetime."

We doubt she was being coy. She just probably can't count that high.

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What can you say about Honey Boo Boo. The girl has got it all and then some. There are really some beautiful pictures of her. She is the whole package: sass, cutsy,looks to have no fear of the camera. Just oodles of personality and no guile. Get her to have no fear of her balance sheet numbers (and keep track of it (aka: know the Jackie Coogan Law backwards and forwards) and she should be an extremely wealthy tot, girl, teen and woman. Good luck to you, Honey Boo Boo!!


Its perfectly alright to goof on hillbillies. Its the last stereotype in America that hasn't grown ridiculously self-righteous. All the hater comments on here. Would you seriously post the mean degrading comments about any other segment of America?


I like both shows. The Thompson's have fun just being themselves, and that's priceless. I think they have more fun than the Kardashians with just margarine and ketchup. I love how June uses rags instead of tissue, that will help save some trees! I've never seen a happier family! Y'all warm my heart!


I find this show entertaining. I love the sub-titles which adds to the humor, since they are speaking in English. I guess the haters are the real losers who watch the Kardashians, dye their hair black and wear false eyelashes. There's enough of you out there. The last line on this article makes me realize the writer is an ass.


@ Maple Syrup. See? Just give it a chance and take it for the entertainment that it is. These aren't bad people , are they the norm? No. Dont' understand why people just can't chill about this and let them have their moment. Nobody is forcing you to watch..but..clearly millions are so that has to mean something. I say good luck honey boo boo family. If one of the kids never does a sex tape you are still better than the Kardashians :)


Sorry you for all you haters out there and I am sure none of them care while laughing their asses off all the way to the bank!


I M very well traveled and trust me, America is the only nation with people like this. They've got hillbillies in other parts of the world


Ok not to be mean, but have you every watched this show? She probably cant count that high. As for wiping her ass with this rag.....she wipes her ass with an internet website? And she probably would need an entire paper to wipe it any way. They are a slovenly, disgusting, uneducated disgrace


Fuck u Hollywood insider gossip rag that June shannon wipes her ass with . Fuck you fuckertards


......Lazy & FAT?