Honey Boo Boo Family Drama: Who are the Daddies?

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Viewers of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo are familiar with the show's six-year old star and her dad, David Mi­chael “Sugar Bear” Thompson, who is also featured on the tragically popular TLC series.

But what of Honey Boo Boo's three siblings and their biological father? The National Enquirer has learned that June Shannon conceived all of her kids via different sex partners - and the three she can name all possess criminal records.

Honey Boo Boo and Family

First there's Thompson, who served five years in a Georgia prison in 1998 for a string of robberies.

Then there's David Dunn, the fa­ther of June’s oldest daughter, Anna “Chickadee” Shannon (who just gave birth to a baby girl herself). He was sentenced to jail in 1995 for stealing a handgun and again three years later for swiping several cartons of ciga­rettes.

Dunn tells the newspaper of June: “She took my vir­ginity and I took hers... Anna looks just like me. They want­ed me to sign away my rights to Anna, but I refused. I don’t know who my own daddy is, and I always want Anna to know who her father is. But June won’t let me see her.”

Then there's Anthony Ford. A registered sex offender in Georgia who served time in 2005 for sexual exploitation of a child over the Internet, he's the father of 15-year old Jessica “Chubbs” Shannon.

He claims to pat $300/month in child support, but says June won't allow him to see his daughter, either.

Finally, according to the report, no one - June included - knows the identity of of 12-year old Lauryn's father.

Says a family insider to the tabloid: “There are all kinds of family stories about who Lau­ryn’s dad is. I don’t think June even knows who it is....

"We’re convinced June never got married to any of her kids’ fathers because she gets child support and welfare payments for each of those kids – if she got married, the money would stop.”


Actually now that they are doing this show, I guarantee that she is no longer getting welfare. They make pretty good money. They all get paid.


I really enjoy watching the show,they have fun they do things with their children you don't find that a lot anymore.i try not to speak negative about people.let them have fun I wish I could.i had 3 children all girls and 1 grandbaby I lost 2 daughters and my only grandchild all in the same month,so my life is very lonely,i am happy for this family to have one another I wish I still had mine.

@ theresa

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I think that they are all the nicest fattest rednecks. racist cuponing at least there kids are still white.


Or maybe the reason she doesn't want to marry is because she's AFRAID of commitment just like a lot of people including me. There are plenty of people with multiple children all having different fathers/mothers. The only reason any one bothers to be rude about it is because they're in the spot light and people just LOVE to hate them.

@ Raechel

Most Def... I think the show has done some good for the family also,having done and experienced things they never would've has a positive impact on people. I think all the negative is BS,obviously if they were terrible parents and people June never would've been taking Alana to pageants,camps or activities period,not to mention the family attending and support at every event. These are things good parents do,it's not like Suger bear isn't working,he volunteers w the Fire Dept,they have a charity etc.. A lot more positivity than the average family. The past is the past and if people want to live and judge you for any mistakes or choices you made decades ago is living miserably and not a reflection of how you live and think today. These are people that hate themselves and envy anyone that has turned around or made a better life for themselves. I'd actually like to meet Anna,I think at her age she could be dating much more deserving,acomplished and educated people than she has. I wish them all the best for the future.


They are just about the grossest people I've ever seen, but there's something about them that keeps me watching. Pumpkin - the 3rd girl - is a pig. I can't ever see her getting married - having kids, yes, but not getting married.


Ur story is so screwed up. First u say no one knows who pumpkins daddy is then u say she gets child support for all three. N one more thing, this family lives in total happiness together, which is something most families never have, so keep ur rude MISERABLE comments to urselves.


Everybody can say what they want about this family. Not everyone is perfect especially not this family but at least they are sticking together!


"You People" even give white trash a worse reputation. Hopefully, there are people smart enough to distinguish between POOR people and SCUMMY people. Someone should teach that whole clan about self respect & a bit of dignity. No, lets exploit the scurvy white people who don't have the intelligence to know that America is not laughing WITH them, but rather AT them. What wretched creatures we men are

@ jim

Im laughing with them,but laughing at you,for not being able to legibly put sentences or phrases together. I bet you thank god for spell check & auto correct. Scurvy is a disease and only an ignorant genius would refer to a family that way,not to mention describing others as a "Clan"and"white trash" or how about hoping that people are able to "distinguish between poor people and scummy"in all caps as a way to obviously convey that you and your entire family tree are made up of uneducated,illiterate,inbred dumbshits. You're the decay of society,not Man and the Planet would be a much better place without you or any unfortunate offspring,running around like rabid dogs,spreading your garbage to the world.


I would love this show if I knew Kate Gosselin is pissed about it! Anything is better than seeing that witch come back.


who cares if June is married or gets child support? How many people are in the US that have mulptiple children and don't claim fathers for food stamps or welfare...It seems to the "American Way" latley. What the hell is wrong with people? They are so quick to judge and point fingers...half of the US population is on some sort of assistance. You are all so quick to complain about this family because its in the spotlight....what the hell do you think Democracy is? Its a bunch of bleeding hearts and that all is equal and everyone should be taken care of . So how is this family any differnt? People should just mind their own business and pay their own way an things would be just fine! I don't feel I should have to work to support anyone other than my family. SO what if June is getting child support? If you can make a baby you can pay for a baby and I sure as hell wouldn't let my child around a sex offender. Good for her...if you have a problem with all this look in the mirror before pointing fingers douche!

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