Britney Spears Does "Gangnam Style" Dance on Ellen

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X Factor judge Britney Spears received a lesson in the "Gangnam Style" dance by Korean pop star / YouTube sensation Psy on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Obviously. Were you expecting anything else?

Watch the impromptu dance session below:

The 30-year-old confessed being nervous about The X Factor, which premieres tomorrow night on Fox, but at the same time, she's super psyched for it.

“I was really nervous. You have all these people behind you and you know they’re rooting you on,” Britney Spears expressed to Ellen. “Its really exciting."

"It's an electric thing to do. But you know after we got out there and the cast is amazing. Demi and L.A. are great. And we had fun. We had a lot of fun.”

Britney on X Factor: Will she be a good judge?


i love you

Mercedes schrodinger

I give her credit for effort, but she's way too uptight for Gangnam Style! She looked terrified. Psy and Ellen really "ham it up" and that's what this dance needs!


Stop Hating! Britney is beautiful,famous and can dance she danced as good as Ellen I mean how much could she move in that tight dress?.


Ellen danced better than Britney... Brit should have taken Ellen's advice and taken off her shoes! Brit looked so business like in that outfit, it is a good look on her. Wonder if Ellen put the moves on her?


eeeee sexy laady.. op op op op gangnam style!!! hillarious


... I meant to say I wouldn't wish for anyone ...


I agree with the last 2 postings. Britney has had a life that I would wish for anyone. She looks absolutely gorgeous in the video and is being a real sport. I wish her nothing but the best - it's about time.


Frogmore - I agree with you. Succinctly put!


You have to consider where she was born and how she was raised. Then consider this, she's a very sweet girl with a mental illness, and cut her a break. This could well happen in your family, then you'd come to understand. Pray that it doesn't!

Carol worth

I'm surprised no one as yet mentioned how pretty Britney looks! It's the first time I can remember ever seeing her look like a lady! This is not a "left-handed" compliment...I'm serious! Please, Britney, keep this look! ~0:-)

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