Blue Ivy Carter Photos: On a Boat With Jay-Z!

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Jay-Z, Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter are vacationing on a yacht on the Mediterranean Sea this week, celebrating Bey's 31st birthday (or just being really rich).

Candid Blue Ivy pictures are not exactly a dime a dozen - the couple is quite private, unlike say anyone with the last name Kardashian - so this is a rarity.

The little girl has no idea how good she has it, jet-setting in the South of France before age one. On the flip side, Jay and Bey seem like grounded parents.

Check out these cute shots of father and daughter:

Jay-Z and Blue Ivy
Jay-Z and Blue Ivy Carter
Jay-Z, Blue Ivy Carter

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]

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Yep that's your baby Jay z she looks just like you.


She's a cute kid.. looks just like Jay. I just don't understand why they keep hiding her with a blanket. In that case they should had just name her Blanket like Michael Jackson.


The photos are beautiful, too bad that child isn't really their biological child together! It's unfortunate they would rather live a lie, regarding the pregnancy and birth of the beautiful baby, instead of being completely honest of how that child was conceived! Beyonce and Jz are icons, it would be so noble of them to be honest and stop the bull....!


Yes! She is jay-z baby all tha way! He couldn't disclaims her even if he wanted to...she is so precious! Bey and jay makes cute babies as we all see now. Congratulations Mr. And Mrs. Carter


she iz so cute i know yALL happy with baby blue i know she have a good mama and daddy she will grow up hatein dat name


Hope you guys have another one!


Wow! Baby Blue is yummy cute...just like Bey! Remember Jay - Z that 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!' if you take care of Bey and Baby, they'll cherish you. If not, it will be 'to hell with your happiness'. Trust me dude!!


Bey and jay-z baby blue ivy looks so adorable. Hopefully we will get too more pictures. They seem like good parents


u luk good together jay nd i hope ur family lasts.xoxo


Cute or not why are they on a boat with a baby and NO LIFE JACKET ON HER!!!???

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