Bachelor Pad Season Finale Shocker: Who Won the Money? Who Broke Up? Who Got Engaged?

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Another partially exciting season of Bachelor Pad is in the books, and the finale of ABC's guilty pleasure smash certainly packed in something for everyone.

Who won it all? Who broke up? Who got engaged?

Let's break it all down in THG's final BP recap ...

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Kalon McMahon and Lindzi Cox are still together! Plus 20.

Erica Rose, in a desperate attempt to stay relevant, tells Lindzi to be careful because she's spotted Kalon at different events with other women. Minus 10.

Lindzi didn't know what to say or do. So, yeah. Minus 5.

Jaclyn said she was still hurt by being betrayed by her "best friend" Rachel on the last episode, when the latter did not take Jackie and Ed to the finale.

Rachel said Nick pushed to oust them because they would have been a bigger threat, which makes total sense. Jaclyn? Not altogether stable. Minus 50.

Blakeley Shea, or Blakeley Jones, or Blakeley Shea Jones ... whatever she wants to be called, she may not have won the money, but she won in love.

Seriously. She and Tony Pieper are still together! And then some! T-Piep surprised everyone, including his lady, with a proposal on stage! Plus 150.

She said yes, you guys. Obvi. Plus 10.

Then the final four took the stage and there was clearly major tension between Rachel and Michael, who clearly aren't about to pull a Tony-Blakeley.

Mike said he's not looking for a serious long-distance relationship ... but Rachel revealed that she found out Michael in exactly that with someone else.

Plus 50 for Mike being in the hot seat two years in a row on the finale, but this time at least the love of his life isn't getting engaged to another guy.

Chris Bukowski seemed a bit remorseful, having played everyone openly from the start. Not even his family was proud of him, he said. Minus 160.

Therein lies the problem with screwing people over all season. He won enough competitions to make it this far, but votes were in short supply for C.

Rachel and Nick got almost a clean sweep. Plus 40.

Now for the interesting part - or what has the potential to be. In separate rooms, Nick and Rache had to decide to "share" or "keep" the money.

If both choose to split it down the middle, that's exactly what happens with the prize. If one chooses to keep the $250,000, their partner is out of luck.

If both choose to keep it, the money gets dispersed among the rest of the Bachelor Pad housemates and Rachel and Nick walk away with nothing.

It's a big dice roll any way you slice it, but Rachel Trueheart said she wouldn't have gotten this far without her partner and chose to share the cash.

After saying how he got here on his own, Nick decided to KEEP IT FOR HIMSELF. Nick Peterson is your SOLE Bachelor Pad winner, ladies and gentlemen!

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Plus 275 for the major brass that took. We'd feel bad for Rache, but no one even acted like Nick was even on the show, and hey, it is a game after all.

You know Chris is giving him props right now. Plus 25.

Rachel was "devastated" and called her partner a "f--king schmuck." Nick clearly did not care, saying she didn't even want to be partners with him.

Sorry Ms. Trueheart. It's the name of the lame game.


What do you think of Nick Peterson's fast one?


Nick is a TOTAL OPPORTUNIST......he cares for no one but himself...he would not have won if Rachel had not been his partner...if she had quit,like she wanted to initially, he would have had to leave the game because he did not have a partner, so he won with her, not on his own....he stole $125,000.00 from her........


Nick this guy, he played the GAME right but not a good human-bin !!


This is for Rachel: Your a very pretty girl, and that Michael is not even HOT, if anything he's homily, and you deserve so much better than this creep. There must be hundreds of guys who would love to be w/you. So chill, your beautiful, and your day will come sooner than you think.


Nick took a big chance writing "Keep" but he had planted enough seeds with Rachel to know the outcome. Nick used his head.
Rachel beautiful and emotional needs to guard her heart a little better. Rachel used her heart.
This outcome is just what Bachelor Pad had in mind when they created this summer replacement show. Going forward everyone will be more careful when accepting someone's "WORD".


Yeaaaaa Nick. You totally deserve it. Rachel didn't give a rat's ass about you.


I think Nick should have split the money with Rachel the way he had agreed to prior to the finale of the show.....however, Rachel also agreed to take Jaclyn to the finals and reneged on her seems like almost everyone on this show basically lied to and cheated everyone else........they say Karma is a witch with a B.........lesson to be learned here?


I think it was fantastic that nick won. He was not in a love or sex relationship with her , she didn't play the game let him linger when thrown together not by choice.
Wether he was relevant or not the whole game when opportunity knocks and you don't grab it , he is right he had no loyalty to no one but himself and IT IS A GAME AND HE WON . And everyone was so deceiving bitchy , judgemental , and down right greedy , he is right he didn't do none of that he took a old tune and let them play each other right out the game. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT? That is fair to me.


Anyone who thinks Nick has "karma" coming to him is on crack. It's a freaking game show and he played it to the best of his ability and won. Rachel didn't do anything for him, didn't think of him, didn't act if he was important, well, he is now, BIATCH.


Karma - yikes. I would be worried if I were Nick. Anything that goes bad, he deserves. It's a shame we might not get to see it, but I am willing to bet he gets it all back plus ten fold.


Most interesting finale to date!
Blakely- stiill with Tony, moving to Portland, and engaged??? I'm shocked! Congrats, Tony seems like a nice guy. Good luck you two!
Jaclyn- No honey, you were NOT the puppetmaster this season, sorry to disappoint. And quit saying how loyal you were. We all remember those horrible things you said about Blakely in the beginning when she thought you were a true friend. So glad YOU didn't get a penney!
Rachel- Damn girl, you got screwed every which way. Michael isn't all that(just ask Holly)...move on.
Lindzi-I'd move on from Kalon. You'll get hurt if you don't.
Chris & Sarah- you guys should have won. Period.
Nick- you were such a non-factor the ENTIRE show! You didn't make one signle game play. Just followed the crowd. People(like Michael and Jaclyn) were voting for Rachel, NOT YOU. You are a pathetic, selfish douchebag. I hope people throw eggs at you when they see you on the street!