Chris Bukowski on Bachelor Pad Lies: Don't Hate the Player!

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Chris Bukowski's transformation into a ruthless player - in more ways than one - has been the biggest storyline of the current season of Bachelor Pad.

Based on what we saw of him on The Bachelorette, no one could've seen this degree of blatant women-juggling, lying and general arrogance coming.

How does he respond to critics of this new persona? In an interview with People, he says it's all part of the game that is Bachelor Pad. Excerpts below:

Chris Bukowski on Bachelor Pad

On his new approach: "On Emily Maynard's [Bachelorette] season, I was in it for love, was close to finding it, it didn't work out and I was heartbroken."

"A little of the way I acted on Bachelor Pad was because I was hurt by that. There was only one thing on my mind – the money. In real life, I'm not a mean guy."

"But, I was presented the opportunity to win a lot of money so I'm going to do what it takes. You've got to lie and play the game. You can't be nice to everybody."

On getting pissed at Kalon and Ed for saving Blakeley: "You try to brush it off but it's tough because they're the only people you're seeing all day."

"I was angry [because] they're friends and you don't expect to be lied to by your real friends. I confront [Ed Swiderski] about it in the next episode."

"But I came to the realization that these guys are there trying to win just like I am and have the same right to play the game how they think is best."

On his partner: "Blakeley is competitive and the most athletic girl in the house, perfect from a competition standpoint, but it started not being fun for me."

"I felt everything going in a direction [for] someone else to win, so I tried to make a bold move, change the game and break up the main alliance."

On fan reaction to his antics: "I see where they're coming from. It doesn't look good, but people [should] differentiate ... Bachelorette is a love show."

"Bachelor Pad is a game show and you should expect your feelings to get hurt.

"If we were going to be nice, I don't know if anyone would win or even want to. We can do that on our own. We can go to someone's house and just hang out."

"People's feelings were on the line, but I can't take it back. I can't really be sorry. I was playing a game. I separate real life from the game."

"Blakeley and Jamie were a 100 percent there for the money just like I was. I wanted to be partners with Jamie but was held back by Blakeley."

"She also didn't get along well with other girls, so I would have been voted out a lot earlier. I honestly didn't know it was that bad for Jamie."

"You don't see everything, and we talked about not getting emotionally involved ... I led her on, but I also denied her more than once."

"It's not 100% my fault. She's smart. She could have realized, 'Probably not the best idea to pursue Chris.' But I feel for her and think about her every day."

"I don't regret anything because you can't really change what happened and I did it at the time because that's what I wanted to do."

"Hopefully, it will work out in my favor."


yeah, I think he might have some anger issues, I noticed something was wrong with him on the bachelorette . But he is good looking, nice body, pretty light light eyes and I like his hair color.
I'm sure Emily is surprised how he acts on the B Pad. of course it might be all for show. I applaud all of them last nite for getting up and singing in front of an audience. That's hard to do.


He IS a douche bag...psychotic freak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This guy is a MENTAL CASE! He has panic attacks and looks evil. His eyes get red and bulge out of his head. Don't know what anyone sees in him except a psycho.


Chris- YOU ARE A JERK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HATE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How sad for his Mom. His family actually seemed cute and normal on Bachelorette. I would be so disappointed if my little boy acted this way and wonder what i did wrong as a mother to not have instilled a sense of respect for people and women the most. He has no clue about what really is important in life. Look at Jamie, her parents died and she raised her siblings when she was just a kid. Now she is a nurse. That is honorable and something to be proud of. She just wanted to find someone who was respectful and would love her back. Poor girl has been to hell and back and now has to get treated like a piece of trash?! Chris has no respect for women- disgusting. He treats them like dogs. He is a total douche and SO full of himself it's hard to watch. I have no clue why Emily and other girls kept saying how hot he was?!? My husband and I call him "Cousin Eddie"from Vacation. Karma buddy!


Chris, I hope you're reading this...
You are a jerk, and I'm calling bulls*!t on "its just a game and not my real character" nonsense. Puhleese, you are the kind of guy we moms warn our daughters about. Secondly, if you were playing strategically, you would not have tried to vote out Blakeley .. the truth was she was getting in the way of you getting your groove on and THAT'S the truth, not strategy. What an A$$.


I totally agree.... Chris is an immature JERK! "What goes around-comes around!!" Good luck,Chris! ;(


I agree above, playing the game doesnt involve him playing girls, you dont need to play them, lie in bed with them, lead em on and be arrogant about it at that, he clearly shows that he is trying to be deceptive in ways not needed to win the game, he is a creep, his true colors shine and I hope he gets whats coming to him. how does "out with the old and in with the new" have anything to do with the game? It has to do with his character along with all the other ignorant mean things he has said and done. And for the record, he looks like a bird! Homely looking


I agree "Don't hate the player". Chris is playing a far he is the most entertaining person in the show!!! It's a game, you have do what ever you have to do to try to win, how boring would the game be without lying and scheming!!! I ♥ CHRIS!!!


Who does Chris think he is? He's a homely, arrogant, creep who needs some serious anger management. Thank God Emily ddn't choose him or she would have been in danger of domestic abuse, for sure. He is the most deceptive, evil, and hateful player of all 3 seasons. He was this awkward, shy, little imp on Bachelorette, now he thinks he is a mastermind. He looks ridiculous while he's sneaking around his dumb game play-------everyone I know that watches the show hates him, including me. Grow up, you twenty five year old mama's boy!!! You suck!!! Go away,,,please, I can't stand looking at you, neither can the other house guests.....ugh

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