UFOs Caught By Mars Curiosity: Real or Fake?

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NASA's Mars Curiosity rover had hardly touched down on the surface of the fourth planet from the sun when its cameras began sending back strange images - ones that some are calling evidence of unidentified flying objects, or UFOs.


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    Listen to me Earthlings YOU DIDNT SEE ANYTHING.... RIGHT


    I just want to say that the space is much larger than we have imagined..and if we r only the survivor here. Then its a huge waste of the space..and nature never creat wastage.. Each and evry thngs are here for utilisation purpose.. So be ready to accept the fact that WE R NOT ALONE


    FAKE! Come on Earthlings.. We're are the only ones in the whole entire galaxy!!!


    That´s not UFO because aren´t flying.


    I hate when people say is it a UFO? or not? If its unidentified...possibly flying...and is an object...yea. its a UFO


    Whoever made this video has to know that Mars has two small moons, right? And that there's this thing called Jupiter? And the sun? I don't know what those images are, but they're certainly ordinary astronomical phenomena like moons, planets, and stars, and not distant spacecraft hovering over the Martian surface.


    I agree with you guys too. There's no way this gigantic galaxy only has one "life form". I just hope we're prepared for whatever lies in Pandora's Box.


    @Ben1, are you talking about the movie transfomers? You may think I'm joking but they tell you , never believes what you see in movies but it's the opposite. They just embellish a little.

    @Heather, we just very well be it ours. What you need to understand more, it dimensions. It's been long known that so called aliens don't just fly here from mars.

    The trueth is always stranger than fiction.


    Matt, you silly sausage


    Heather, you took the words out of my mouth (keyboard?) While I am unsure these are UFO's, I think it's unbelievably arrogant and stupid to think that our tiny planet in this huge galaxy is the only place where life exists.

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