Russell Brand Channels The Beatles, Willy Wonka in Psychedelic Closing Ceremony Performance

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There's little gray area when it comes to Russell Brand doing anything live.

Reactions to the zany British comedian's bizarre appearance at the 2012 Olympics closing ceremony were probably either "OMG this is awesomely weird" or "Who let Russell Brand sing?!" ... with little or no middle ground.

His home country crowd seemed more in the former camp, in any case:

Singing the song "Pure Imagination," a tune made famous by Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, Brand's performance was unique enough before it became a trippy, Beatles-themed psychedelic bus tour of Olympic Stadium.

Brand's rendition of "I am the Walrus" won't win him points in the vocal department, but you gotta give the guy credit for being original ... maybe.

For better or worse, he's no Taio Cruz.


If that what he calls singing.... He better stick to acting, not that his that good at that ether but its better than his singing.


He is a better singer than his ex wife!


Damm THG! Pipe down on the judgements i thought he did good, it was entertaining i wish i was there. I enjoyed the pet shop boys, george micheal and many more i was takin back to the 80's it was a cool way for the brits to close the ceremony reminding us all of those talented british artists whose music we love came from their hometown from john lennon to oasis. You go Brits! Way to represent your country. You closed the ceremony in style.


He's never claimed to be an award winning vocalist. He's a funny man, I think it was quite entertaining. I really enjoyed it :)


aww come on like Gene Wilder sang it good lol ..

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