Republican Party Platform to Call For Constitutional Ban on Abortion, No Exception For Rape

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Draft language for the official 2012 Republican Party platform reportedly includes support for a constitutional ban on abortion without exclusions.

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    Yes they are full alright! Full of it in everyway. What do you expect from a government funded Klan! They hate Rich people.


    @Matt Gracious! The trench battles are intense Let's face it--trolls is trolls is trolls. Same creeps, different day! When they trash us most of them trolls should remember not talk with their mouth full. Full of food that we taxpayers had to dish out in Federal income tax so they can curl up on their cozy little futon in their quaint little trailer and type their blasphemy to us who provide for them! That's gratitude for ya!


    The information in this article is patently false. Never rely on the internet for the truth or important information.




    I was reading this story i was wondering what a heating unit has to do with abortion @matt does not makes sense?


    @Eyes- it was good while it lasted. Roll troll roll.


    @Amelia-Democrats? - maybe not but it takes up so much time trying to wade thru the bunch of them. Right or wrong- anyone who would vote for Obama- I would not associate with them if I were in an environment where I had a choice. This is like a bad Movie. Somehow people have come to decide that it's the Governments RESPONSIBILTY to take control of our lives. Government is the Working taxpayer taking care of the ones who sit back. It won't fly- not for any length of time. @Eyes- they can't help themselves. They - paced until they could not stand it any more.


    @ The Nasty Lil' Troll disguised as Matt: Jesus! Aren't you tired yet? Using another person's username to attempt to somehow win a political argument is as stupid as the Obama Camp allowing Ole Joe Biden to go out there--all himself and make a total ass out of himself for the sake of holding onto the base. It's never gonna work. No. 2 Do Trolls never weary of lambasting other bloggers?!? Oh, I forgot...your tried 'n true strategy consists simply of--if you can't win on your candidate's own merits...just trash those here who "get it" about your candidate. In other words, if your man's a loser..attack the messengers that are merely pointing out the obvious facts. Wow! You guys are so frickin' brilliant! N-n-n-n-n-not!


    Eyes are drooping. Time to crash 'n burn! Gotta get my rest so I can fight the good conservative fight again...tomorrow. Nite! :)


    @Amelia You're right Democrats are not all bad. Some are abysmally BAD!!!! Republicans aren't perfect...but close enough. I have to agree with Matt...I'm finding myself moving away from those who even look liberal. I'm tired of the whole lib-turd culture. Better to shun than to take their shit! Hope that Hurricane takes a hike! I want to focus on watching the Republican Nat'l Convention. No interruptions...please!

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