Macaulay Culkin: Out, About, Not on Drugs

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In the aftermath of what he called "impossibly, ridiculously fictious" reports that Macaulay Culkin is a heroin addict, the actor surfaced in LA this week.

A not-as-frail Culkin was seen at the celebrity hot spot Chateau Marmont Friday, not long after his rep's denying of the reports that he's a junkie.

He was reportedly in good spirits.

Macaulay Culkin Photograph

The actor also attended Natalie Portman's wedding, though he said, "I have no comments on his activities over the weekend or otherwise. Thank you."

The former child actor made numerous headlines last week after tabloids reported his alleged drug problems and claimed he had only six months to live.

He was also seen looking frail and gaunt earlier this year.

Hopefully it's all just talk and he's in good health.

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I agree with Cookie here. IF Macaulay is using drugs (and I say IF as our information comes from mainstream media, which is, lets face it, not always known for its integrity in honest reports)
But IF, this is the case, what he needs is love, support, compassion, help, and Grace, and all these are things that only God can give. So let us in Faith, and by Gids Grace, offer him that. Praise God for your comment Cookie.


stupid translation.

@ anyone

... and by Gods Grace **


If he is on drugs.that means he sick. Someone help him.I say a prayer for him every day. You just don't wake up one day and say iam going to be on drugs .pain inside of you dose that to u hang in their.


"nauseated" and "about to vomit" For christ he was coughing and then spit up some phlegm. Which he cured by lighting up another cig.


Yeah he was seen outside Chateau Marmont that day. However, if by 'in good spirits' you mean nauseated and looking like he's about to vomit then I can't really argue with that.


hopefully he is well and healthy. sure it sucks seeing magazine covers claiming you have six months to live.