Jon Voight Likens President Obama to Hugo Chavez, Endorses Mitt Romney

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Brangelina's parents are not fans of President Barack Obama.

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney can count on Brad Pitt's mom Jane to vote for him ... and now Angelina Jolie's outspoken father Jon Voight too.

The 73-year-old actor and unabashed conservative is slamming President Barack Obama, comparing him to Venezuelan socialist leader Hugo Chavez.

Again, the man is not one to mince words.

Voight, J
Obama, B

"The media has been taken over by this administration," Voight told The Daily Caller at the Republican National Convention this week in Tampa.

"It's not less than what has happened in Venezuela with Hugo Chavez, really, because you can't get the information through," Voight added.

"I'm giving you this because I want to get the press my opinion. You can put it in any way you want to. But, it's become pure propaganda."

"We should be appalled. America, guys, wake up. You should be appalled that they can get away with it. The Republican Party is a victim of a bias."

"It's been going on for all this time and it's getting worse and worse. Now this? Come on, people, stand up," added Jon Voight, who endorsed Romney.

"I think because of Gov. Mitt Romney's great talents, his great compassion, his great gifts of leadership, he's going to win this election," he said.

"The people are going to become aware of these qualities."

Election 2012:


The poor Jolie-Pitt kids. Grandparents on both sides are psychotic asses.


Jon V. is an idiot, fool, nonentity and stupid. How dare him talk to Pr. Obama; peoples elected president of the USA like that? He needs to see a psychiatrist to be treated for psychosis. He should sit down and shut up.


I've always liked Jon Voight as an actor, and he's allowed to have his opinions on politics like everyone else, even if they are racist and stupid. Viva Hugo Chavez, and Viva President Obama!


In 2008, Obama fooled a lot of people. If you're still going to vote for him, with his terrible record, you're so freaking stupid, you shouldn't be allowed to vote.


Jon Voight is an idiot! If the press is so biased and Obama is Hugo Chavez, how does Mr. Voight get his opinion published in the Daily Caller? Hoe does Fox News exist under such a brutal dictatorship?
Mr. Voight should spend some time helping others rather than spouting off about how awful liberals are.


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Romney rocks! So does Ann! Yeahhhhhhhh, baby! Liberal turds you're man is goin' down! Oh, btw, Matt's awesome--Don't ever change, my man!


Matt- you're a joke. An idiot. Crawl back into the gutter you crawled out of.


Well okay- I will tell you.... NIGGER! Personally I think any woman who survived cancer is a special person. The woman worked her ass off raising five sons- all successful. Here's the thing Baja Bitch- you are a nobody and I'm guessing you've been that way for a while. Mormon or Catholic it makes no difference - these people are at peace with themselves not like a Racist Reverend Wright. He will be our next president in January and you will not be about shit on the same day.

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