Is Al Roker Trying to Sabotage The Today Show?

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First, he alleged that Matt Lauer threw Ann Curry under a bus.

Then, he randomly stared into the camera for 17 straight seconds (below).

So the question must be asked: what the heck is going on with Al Roker and The Today Show? Is the famous weatherman trying to sabotage his own program for the way it (mis)handled Curry's firing?

Roker addressed yesterday's strange staredown on this morning's edition of the series, trying to laugh it off, claiming it was a "brain freeze" and adding that the director was "egging him on."

Then, after Savannah Guthrie made a crack about how her colleague would fit in well at a wax museum, Roker seemingly took ANOTHER job at The Today Show, mumbling:

"Well, we are in a wax museum... whole other deal..."

Watch the latest exchange below.

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What point was Al Roker trying to make when he trashed Michelle Obama's cookies this morning and when a gesture was made to throw the Romney cookies he stopped it? That was a jerk move Al.


Could be a staring seizure!! Should have a neurologist check this out.


That Matt Lauer should go. At least he should be required to do something about his hair (or lack of it) since it was such a big deal that Ann Curry wouldn't cover her gray hair. Why is Matt getting away with it?


Karma is coming for Matt Lauer.....
I am actually enjoying watching GMA. Ann Curry was great. How she put up with ML for so long....bully in the workplace.


I love Al. He is funny. The vibe on the show has changed. I also started watching GMA when they let Ann go. Now I switch between the two shows.


I liked him better when he was fat. Roker has starved himself into delirium.


This mildly retarded dope has made watching the Weather Channel unwatchable,ever since NBC bought the channel it has SUCKED ! but He is a funny little asshats at times that mr bojangles.


That is hilarious!!!


I'm 100% with Snicker...this is a pathetic PR stunt and I'm not interested! I'm actually glad they got rid of Ann b/c it made me move to GMA and it is SO MUCH BETTER than Today!


The only thing that is going to help The Today show is to get rid of matt. Not playing games to get people watching to see whats going on. Nothing but a pr stunt.