Family of Joey Kovar Denies Reality Star Drug Use

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The family of late Real World star Joey Kovar is adamant: drugs did NOT play a role in this 29-year old's death.

Kovar's body was found by authorities on Friday morning at a friend's house in Chicago, with blood was reportedly coming out of his mouth and nose and with the friend, Stacey Achterhof, saying Joey showed up at her residence high on cocaine.

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But David Kovar tells The Chicago Tribune that his brother has been clean for six months and, as an aspiring actor, was excited about a new project.

"Everyone is in shock right now. He seemed fine, he was happier and he was doing better," Kovar said. "Everything was going very well. The very, very last thing that our family is suspecting is drugs."

Kovar was the father of a three-year old son and two-year old daughter.

Autopsy results have proven inconclusive and toxicology reports will be back in a few weeks.


Ace is right. All those talkers and gossipers need to clam up. People who knew him know who he really was and not all those way out there rumours and assuming stories. Its very sad.I hope more people show respect.


All this bull shit gossip going on the internet needs to stop. He was a dedicated father, hard working body builder, and very diciplined, and for all the haters saying "he said, she said" should stop. I brought Joey for a guest appearance in 09 to New York and i never met a real person like him. If he was on, hed say "im on". I spoke to him a week prior to his passing and he was clean and off shit for a while. He was really focusing on his kids, his life and everything else. If you dont know him, why try to be soo rude,stop making judgements on peoples past behaviors. RIP my Best friend


It is so disrespectful to a person who just died to say rude comments and for gossip columns to anounce to the media that he had done viagra and cocaine. I suggest waiting until the truth comes out from the medical examiner before all of you jumping to conclusions. EVEN if he did use viagra that is not appropriate share with the world. He is not here to defend himself. No human being is perfect. You're embarrassing his life and death. Listen people he lost his life. No one can go back and fix it. Joey would want us to learn from his mistake and know how fragile life really is... What really matters is to remember the good things about him and when his children grow up they don't need to be reading about their daddy using viagra. Just keep that quiet. Respect Joey and his family. Let him rest in peace.


Sex, drugs and money. $hitcago. They ALL think they're movie stars here. That's all I have to say.


Hey Forrest Gump, I can only wonder what skeletons are in your closet...Another ignorant ass you are!!!


he is just squinting due to his mother's behaviour.(she's an alcoholic)


Seriously, you all should just keep quiet. How about you let the Medical Examiner be the EXPERT. Not the Media, the gossip columnists or ignorant non informed outsiders like yourself who feel they know better and are quick to judge and assume. If you didn't know him, his battles, struggles or triumphs...keep your opinions to yourself you fools. Until you've walked a mile in his shoes or anyone elses for that matter....Shut the hell up you ignorant asses!!!


No matter what his cause of death was.. it doesnt change that he is gone and his family will miss him forever.

Wv peach

So terribly sad; I hope his toxicology report will confirm his family's hopes of him being clean.


It's wacky families like that they enable kids like Joey to OD

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